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Giving Thanks :: A Note from our Founder

Posted by Heather Hamilton on November 26, 2015 0 Comments
  This morning I woke before the sun and to a still-quiet house. As I lingered for as long as possible in my warm bed, I reflected on this holiday and all that I'm thankful for. This year, is a bit different than years past...  Two months ago, on September 12, my family lost our home and all of our possessions in the "Valley Fire" wildfire in northern California. The past two months have been a journey of highs and lows and so many emotions. Grieving the sentimental things and yet celebrating a sense of freedom and liberation from realizing... Read More

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Heather Hamilton on November 20, 2015 0 Comments
Zoe Organics 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
  Gift giving is a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer, but in the flurry of festivities,choosing meaningful gifts for everyone on your list can be a bit of a stretch (to both your tighter-than-normal schedule and your pocketbook).  Zoe Organics is all about quality, good-for-you products and we want you to feel really great about the gifts you give this year! We have put together a list of our high-performing natural remedies for every person on your list. So pour yourself some spiced cider, get comfy and start making your list! Hint: if you are waiting for our BIG 3-day... Read More

November Calendar: Digital Wallpaper Download

Posted by Pam Golafshar on November 06, 2015 0 Comments
  You're stylish and savvy, we like you, and we want to give you something cool and autumny and potentially useful! So we've created a set of digital wallpapers for all your devices – phone, tablet and desktop – complete with a November calendar (on the tablet and desktop versions)! Just because. Simply choose your device or screen size, follow the link to open the full resolution image, then right click/control-click on the image to download. Happy downloading, and happy November! (We know we are already into November, ahem, but we’ll get your December calendar freebie to you sooner! Watch for it here the last week of the... Read More

Cold Weather Essentials

Posted by Heather Hamilton on November 05, 2015 0 Comments
  This week, it finally came. The threat of cold weather has been upon us here in the Napa Valley, but it wasn't quite enough to need more than a sweater early morning and late evening. Yesterday, I finally pulled out the warm winter coat and bundled up.  I love this season. Such a festive, cozy time of year, steeped with tradition and time with family. But the cold, dry air can be really tough on our skin. Normally dry skin gets drier, and conditions like eczema rear their ugly head. When it gets cold, our skin produces less oil... Read More

Meet Pam, Our New Creative Director

Posted by Heather Hamilton on October 28, 2015 0 Comments
We get a lot of praise for our designs and packaging and I wish I could take the credit, but there is an incredible designer behind them. I've written about Pam and interviewed her a few times through the years (you can find those posts here and here), but today I am overjoyed to share that this pretty amazing mama and friend has now taken up residence here as Zoe Organics' full-time Creative Director! It has been my dream from the very beginning (when Zoe Organics was still very much a dream) for Pam to be a permanent part of the team... Read More

Interview + Giveaway with Amy of June & January

Posted by Lee Wassem on September 15, 2015 72 Comments
We have loved June & January since their early days as Little Hip Squeaks! It's no surprise that Amy, CEO and Director of Creative, has paved the way when it comes to hip baby and kids clothes, as well as some cute basics. She is not only an amazing entrepreneur, but a sweet mama friend and we want to share her with all of you! Enjoy this interview and stick around because we have got a fun giveaway for you below! ZO: We love how you managed to create a baby/kids line that combines style, functionality and comfort! The playful... Read More

A Line to Love :: Puj

Posted by Lee Wassem on September 10, 2015 0 Comments
  Puj (Pronounced, “Pudge”) was founded by Ben and Katie Richardson, a husband and wife design team with four kids of their own, with the singular goal of simplifying parenthood through great product design. As designers AND parents, they have a front row seat into both how challenging and how rewarding parenting can be.  We have had a crush on Puj and their clean packaging, high-quality, beautifully designed products for some time. Much like our vision for creating safe natural remedies by using only ingredients that matter, we love how Puj products make parent's lives easier through their genius, functional... Read More

10 Simple Self Care Strategies for Moms

Posted by Heather Hamilton on September 01, 2015 4 Comments
Mom's have superpowers. They do whatever it takes to meet the needs of their families. Too often, mom's needs fall to the bottom of the pile as they burn the candle at both ends. When this happens for too long, it results in burnout. Sometimes we crash hard and our health; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, suffer greatly. At the beginning of this year, I wasn't doing so hot. The additional pressures and months of long, high stress days leading to our launch in Target had taken their toll. I knew I was on a dangerous path if I didn't get... Read More

A Lifestyle Brand for the Conscious Family :: A Video

Posted by Heather Hamilton on August 26, 2015 2 Comments
At the end of June, we had the privilege of working with the talented Jenner Brown on a new lifestyle video for Zoe Organics. It had been 3 years since our debut behind the camera and it is incredibly fun to see how far we have come since those early days in my home kitchen.  I wanted to share some fun behind the scenes shots and tell you about some of the amazing creative folk I feel so blessed to work with. The energy around the shoot was incredible. Many times, I stood back, just watching with my little heart... Read More

Nine Green Beauty Products That We're Raving About

Posted by Heather Hamilton on August 04, 2015 1 Comment
The most challenging switch from conventional to natural/organic products for me has been finding hair care products that actually perform. I've tried my share of bad natural shampoos that left my hair frizzy or matted, products that made my hair line break out and scalp itch. I've experimented with wide range of hair styles as well. From the super short pixie (oh yeah, and that dare in college to shave my head!) to the long, thick hair I have now. My hair has gone from thick and voluminous to thin and brittle postpartum. And from very straight to very wavy... Read More
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