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Zoe Organics Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Lee Wassem on February 08, 2016 0 Comments
Zoe Organics Valentine's Day Gift Guide
  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15   Read More

Digital Wallpaper Download: February 2016 Calendar

Posted by Pam Golafshar on February 05, 2016 0 Comments
  Happy (belated) February, lovely readers! Apologies for not getting this ready sooner... but as you may know, we've been a bit busy over here with a couple of new products you may have heard about!! In the spirit of celebration for Valentine's Day and the exciting pre-launch of our new Intimate Collection, I've made the February digital wallpaper all about love! Click any of the following links, according to your device or screen size, which will open up the image in a new window so you can right-click and download. From all of us here at Zoe Organics, we wish you a... Read More

Intimate Collection Valentine's Day Gift Set + Giveaway

Posted by Heather Hamilton on February 03, 2016 37 Comments
  Lovers rejoice! There is finally a truly organic option for your #grownuptime!  Just in time for Valentine's Day, we are releasing the first 3 products in our Intimate Collection!  The first 3 products of our Intimate Collection were created to stimulate the senses; to inspire affection, awaken arousal, and promote inner peace and confidence. We chose each essential oil carefully and the first blend is rather...sultry. For more information about each product, click on the product below! Intimate Collection Body Oil, No. 1 - Sultry Blend Intimate Collection Aroma Oil, No. 1 - Sultry Blend Intimate Collection Aroma Candle, No. 1... Read More

Conscious Home : 5 Natural Remedies for Flu Season

Posted by Heather Hamilton on January 20, 2016 1 Comment
There is little worse than baby's first illness. I can remember the panic that would set in when my babes would get stuffy noses or warm from a fever. I might even be that mom that took her baby to the ER the first time he threw up (true story). The fact is, nobody wants to see their kids feeling miserable, and we'd gladly take it from them if we could. Since occasional illness is inevitable, our best defense is to be prepared with some natural remedies to make them comfortable and encourage their resilient little bodies back to good health. In... Read More

Vote for Zoe Organics in the Cribsie Awards!

Posted by Lee Wassem on January 19, 2016 0 Comments
We were totally thrilled to be notified that our Breathe Balm is a finalist for a Cribsie Award! This means that YOU nominated us - THANK YOU! Our Breathe Balm is in the NURSERY category under SICK DAY MUST HAVE. So you love our Breathe Balm? Then pretty please will you take a minute to vote? As a thank you, we are giving away (2) $100 gift cards to zoeorganics.com! Yippee!   a Rafflecopter giveaway Read More

5 Simple Ways to Create Intimacy in Your Relationship

Posted by Lee Wassem on January 11, 2016 0 Comments
5 Simple Ways to Create Intimacy in Your Relationship
  Let's talk about intimacy for a moment... How many of us feel that struggle to connect and then stay connected to our partner? Intimacy can be a tricky thing! We may live together, eat together and sleep together, but do you ever feel like you and your spouse/partner operate more like roommates? I want to share with you 5 simple ways to create intimacy in your relationship.  TALK. Make time to talk to each other, really talk, at least once a week. Sounds simple enough, right? It should be! But with work, kids, errands and everything else that goes on during the week,... Read More

Why I fell in love (again) with Zoe Organics Cream

Posted by Heather Hamilton on January 04, 2016 0 Comments
  Part Butter, part balm, part cream...this unique, ultra-rich, high-performing product quickly became one of the most popular in the Zoe Organics lineup after it's launch in 2011. Originally named "Extreme Cream" it has effectively soothed and restored the driest, most chapped skin, the most frustrating cases of eczema and is known for its multi-functionality (with uses from head to toe!).  Even though this product has been around for several years; when the cold, dry months hit, I fall in love (again). Just last night after all 3 of my kids had bathed, I massaged the Cream on their arms,... Read More

The Intimate Collection

Posted by Heather Hamilton on January 03, 2016 1 Comment
Introducing the Zoe Organics Intimate Collection
  As we continue along our wellness journey, we at Zoe Organics are constantly inspired by new ways to support women's health. As a compassionate, empathetic team of women - representing all stages of motherhood - we "get" the day-to-day challenges and joys. What started out in 2010 as a quest to make potions that helped to prevent stretch marks and soothe sore nipples has evolved into an even greater respect for the extraordinary feminine body, that boast real superpowers! We have also developed a strong commitment to promote self-care. And as we delve deeper into our understanding and concern... Read More

January 2016 Calendar: Digital Wallpaper Download

Posted by Pam Golafshar on December 29, 2015 0 Comments
  Happy New Year, lovely people! Another exciting new month, another set of free digital wallpapers for you. Just click any of the following links, which will open up the image in a new window to right-click and download. I feel that 2016 is going to be a year of good things, of gold and sparkles and magic... so I made the January calendar accordingly. :) From all of us here at Zoe Organics, we wish you a very happy new year! May this next year bring you lots of joy, fulfillment... and peace.   2880x1800px 2560x1600px 2560x1440px 1920x1200px 1920x1080px 1680x1050px 1440x900px 1280x800px iPad iPhone 5... Read More

2015 Holiday Playlists

Posted by Pam Golafshar on December 18, 2015 0 Comments
Zoe Organics 2015 Holiday Playlists
  Hey beautiful people. As an early Christmas gift, I wanted to share the product of what has amounted to hours (actually, no, days) of my time... my own personal holiday music playlists! As any muso will tell you, a variety of playlists is important because really, you have to be in the right mood for a certain style of music... Christmas music or no! Each collection here has been personally curated by yours truly (and may, in fact, be changing as I continue to further refine them).  I hope you enjoy. Happy Friday, and happy listening!   2015 Zoe Organics Holiday Playlist: Party  ... Read More
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