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Interview + Giveaway with Romy Taormina of Psi Bands

Posted by Lee Wassem on December 11, 2015 29 Comments

Zoe Organics Interview + Giveaway with Romy Taormina of PSI Bands

We are loving our home at Target in the new Women's Health destination that caters to pre and postnatal care. We have had the privilege of meeting some really fantastic women behind some pretty wonderful brands in this same assortment and one of them is Romy Taormina of Psi Bands. We love these acupressure bands that provide a drug-free alternative to quelling nausea from morning sickness, motion sickness, chemo and anesthesia. These brilliant little bands come in an assortment of colors and patterns (something for everyone), they are waterproof, reusable and adjustable to fit most wrists. The founder of Psi Bands is even more lovely and we have had the good fortune of connecting with her and learning more about her and what's to come. Enjoy this short interview and giveaway below!

ZO: Tell us why you started Psi Bands. What was your inspiration? 

ROMY: I suffered from debilitating morning sickness during both of my pregnancies. While I found nausea relief through acupressure wrist bands, I was dissatisfied with existing products on the market that were not waterproof so I could not wear them in the shower, unsightly, and not adjustable so they would not stay static on the acupressure point clinically proven to relieve the nausea. Thus, I set out to create a product that would be both stylish and functional for those who suffer from nausea. Psi Bands are uniquely waterproof, adjustable around the wrist and at the acupressure point for a personalized fit, and they are available in several fun colors.

ZO: How has your role as a mother influenced how you run your company/live your life?

ROMY: I have learned that as soon as you get too comfy doing anything, things will change. The only constant is change so it’s best to be agile.

ZO: Tell us about a woman who inspires you.

ROMY: Oprah inspires me. She had a very difficult childhood and, yet, has become an inspirational force despite those setbacks. She influences millions in a way that uplifts them to “own” their femininity, see their potential, and grow with confidence, self awareness, and gratitude.

ZO: Your favorite part of running a business is…

ROMY: Providing nausea relief to so many who suffer is incredibly gratifying. When I am faced with challenges, it is our customers and their warm testimonials that keep me fueled. I also love being a mentor to my children (that hard works pays off), sharing and supporting fellow entrepreneurs (especially women entrepreneurs), and the flexibility to set my own schedule.

ZO: Please share with us a hobby or "guilty pleasure".

ROMY: I love chocolate covered strawberries. And a good, bold cup of coffee. It’s ok if it’s decaf.

ZO: What's the best parenting advice you have ever received or have learned from your own experience?

ROMY: To do my best to guide and protect, but that I cannot control. I am still learning how to do that.

ZO: Congrats on your success! Anything new planned for 2016 that you’d like to give us a hint about? 

ROMY: Psi Bands’ door count at Target is increasing in 2016. Super exciting. The rest is under wraps, but thanks for asking!


Ready for a giveaway? We have paired our Refresh Oil aromatherapy blend with Psi Bands for a sweet gift! Enter below - we are choosing 3 winners!


Zoe Organics + PsiBands Giveaway

Comments (29 Comments)

This would benefit me so greatly! Currently suffering from morning sickness with my first child, and I can barely handle anything medical related. If this would help my symptoms, I would forever be grateful.

Posted by Becky Platt-Gaston on December 16, 2015

I would love to win one of these. I have always wanted to try acculressure bands for relief from stress or anything else. I also would love to try the other products you offer soon!

Posted by Chelsea dowell on December 16, 2015

I would love to win a PSI band because I suffer from frequent motion sickness/nausea, a normal car ride can make me feel absolutely awful. The Refresh oil would be amazing for my youngest son and myself, he often gets a queasy tummy like I do. I am all about using Natural/Organic products? This would be such a blessing!

Posted by Casi Carden Selph on December 16, 2015

As a mommy of 8, morning sickness is no stranger to me. The other bands worked okay but I hated taking them off to shower. I am going to have brain surgery soon and these would be amazing. I am also a birth and bereavement doula so these products would be great for my clients.

Posted by Amanda Scott, SBD on December 15, 2015

This prize would really benefit me as I’m in the throws of my first trimester. Let the fun begin!

Posted by Leela R on December 15, 2015

I have a friend fighting morning sickness. Would love to help her.

Posted by Penny Olson on December 14, 2015

I desperately need to try these psi bands! I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis and just got off an IV drip. Hope I win so I can try them out!

Posted by Mel O. on December 14, 2015

This would be so helpful right now in my first trimester!

Posted by Gina on December 14, 2015

I would love to try your product. I’m a victim of all day sickness and it sucks.

Posted by AnaisB on December 14, 2015

I would love to win these! Fighting through morning sickness right now with my first baby.

Posted by Sierra Harris on December 14, 2015

Sweet interview!! I only wish I had found your products when I was Pregnant with my 2nd earlier this year! I did come across it while looking for an organic chest rub one day in Target-while my infant had a cold. Love the packaging and I will definitely be purchasing when we decide on baby # 3. Although, I think I might go ahead and get some of the stretch mark and belly oils/creams now bc after 2 babies I need it!! ?❤️

Posted by Tara peterson on December 13, 2015

I, thankfully, did not experience much morning sickness during my pregnancy, but I have severe friends who had debilitating morning sickness the entire time. I’ll have to share this with them for future pregnancies!

Posted by Kim Barnes on December 13, 2015

I’ve had mild nausea my entire pregnancy – just enough to be noticeable and annoying. I have a feeling that the Psi bands and Refresh Oil would do the trick.

Posted by Serena on December 13, 2015

They would benefit me because I am currently TTC!

Posted by Kati on December 12, 2015

I get motion sickness when swinging at the park with my kids, riding in the car, and riding rides at the amusement park. I think this prize pack would help me be able to enjoy life and have fun with my kids more!

Posted by Cassandra Eastman on December 12, 2015

Love all these products! Would love to win! ?

Posted by Diana McDermott on December 12, 2015

What a great idea! I was lucky enough to not have suffered morning sickness during my current pregnancy but know many friends who were sick for weeks. I’d love to be able to share this product with them!

Posted by Alexis J on December 12, 2015

Great interview!

Posted by Teri on December 12, 2015

Such a great interview! What wonderful companies you both are running. I had terrible nausea throughout my whole entire first pregnancy. I took two different medications, and several different supplements/at home remedies. I JUST found out I’m pregnant again and while I’m so excited I’ve been dreading the morning sickness. I would love to try these out and hopefully get real relief!

Posted by Elise on December 12, 2015

Super excited to know about these for future reference! Nothing worse than being nauseated & trying to care for little toddlers!

Posted by k2007 on December 11, 2015

These are awesome and great. Love not having to take medicine

Posted by Natalie connelly on December 11, 2015

Loving all things Zoe Organics! Mama’s ritual is my fav! The Psi Bands look so stylish too!

Posted by Laurie Dimino on December 11, 2015

This is such a great giveaway and I’m so glad to be introduced to Psi bands! I am unfortunately among that group who gets nausea as a symptom whenever anything happens – even with the flu! I had horrible “morning” sickness when I was pregnant with my now one year old daughter. I pretty much didn’t have any moments of relief until 17 weeks and while I’m so thankful that the rest of my pregnancy and birth was uneventful it has made me fearful for getting pregnant again.

Posted by Meredith on December 11, 2015

Thanks …this sounds great…..

Posted by Patricia on December 11, 2015

Wow- what an awesome invention. You can really hear the heart of the creator and the product shine through in this interview. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway opportunity!

Posted by Jillian Wright on December 11, 2015

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