Belly Oil v. Belly Butter

Posted on by Heather Hamilton

  We are commonly asked to explain the difference between our Belly Oil and Belly Butter. When during the course of pregnancy should they be used? Should they be used together? Can one be used without the other? Which one is best for preventing stretch marks? This post is for all you fabulou...
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Posted on by Heather Hamilton

One morning, last fall, I rolled over in bed and by habit, grabbed my iPhone and skimmed through my email. One, in particular, caught my eye. It was from a "Target buyer" asking if I would be interested in a new Women's Health assortment they were putting together for Spring 2015. I thought it ...
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Series of Five :: The Two Minute Core Workout

Posted on by Alli McGinnis

As a new mom I am the first to admit that it is a real challenge to find the time, or have the energy to get weekly workouts in. As a pilates instructor I know how important it is to get my body moving and strengthen my core. By building and strengthening your core you will help prevent injury, i...
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2014 Summer Skincare Guide

Posted on by Heather Hamilton

Every year, when Spring rolls around, the questions and requests start coming in: 1. Will Zoe Organics please create a sunscreen and 2. What are our non-tox, go-to sunscreen recommendations for sensitive skin.  We hope to have sunscreen products to offer in the future, but for now, we are happ...
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Green Child Magazine - Fall 2011

Posted on by Heather Hamilton

    Read full issue here.    
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