We're so excited to bring you this interview – this week I got to talk in-depth with an amazing non-toxic warrior: Janny of jannyorganically.com. She is a self-professed “truth seeker,” whose dedication to asking hard questions and uncovering facts has amassed a loyal following of women who value transparency and knowledge.

I asked Janny what authenticity means to her, particularly in light of a rapidly growing natural products industry and how she sifts through so much conflicting information and greenwashing. We talked about her journey to wellness and living a non-toxic lifestyle. How did she get to where she is today? A true wellness guru! Recently, Janny bought a new home and you won’t want to miss her top 3 non-toxic home must-haves, along with her favorite Zoe Organics product that she and her family use everyday!

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Janny Organically

Creating a Less-Toxic Home Environment

Janny OrganicallyJanny is a wife, mother and healthy living blogger known for her maniacal vigilance toward truth and researching-to-death the topics that might bore the average American into a GMO induced coma only to draw enough insight to shock them out of it. She's brutally honest and transparent, letting the whole world into some very private moments of her life in order to demonstrate transformative vulnerability.

She is an esteemed member of the Wellness Warrior Acronym Club, a recipient of both PCOS and MTHFR, and shares tips on improving these conditions with holistic approaches. She loves Jesus, and appropriately placed swear word, and West Wing reruns unapologetically. Whether it's informing readers on toxic products, industries or food, Janny passionately pursues justice in many areas while tempering it with grace and humor.

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