From Well Rounded NY:

I love balms. I own so many, I could use a different one on each body part if I wanted to! Zoe Organics is one of my favorite balm-makers, and luckily they have several handy varieties. For my kids, the Diaper Balm is unrivaled. With soothing calendula, chamomile, and lavender infused right into moisturizing sunflower oil, not only does it prevent diaper rash on their sensitive skin, but it can even heal mommy’s dry, cracked hands. $18, buy here

For me, I couldn’t have survived the four-years-and-counting of collective breastfeeding I’ve logged so far without their Nipple Balm. The nipple balm is so pure, I feel 100 percent comfortable about my kids’ having ingested some of it as they nurse. What’s more, its main ingredient is organic olive oil (the ingredient recommended by all four lactation consultants I’ve seen over the years), and it’s rich enough to soothe my sore nips and heal small cracks overnight. $18, buy here

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