Top Five Uses for Everything Balm

Top Five Uses for Everything Balm

If there was one product from our collection that gets the most praise, it would most likely be our Everything Balm. When designing our original collection of products for the whole family, multi-functionality was at the top of the list. We wanted to create products that were clean and gentle for baby, but would also end up in mom's makeup bag and be dad's go-to for burns or dry hands.

The name of this product is quite appropriate, as our customers attest that it really does work for "everything!"

Zoe Organics Everything Balm

Here are our top five ways to use Everything Balm:

1. Chapped or dry skin. This balm soothes, never stings, and it creates a barrier from wind and moisture. Patches of eczema? Winter chapped cheeks? This balm's for you.

2. Scratches and bug bites. If there ever was a "magic" balm in the mind of a child, this would be it. Boo-boos call for something special and somehow applying Everything Balm to minor cuts, scrapes or bites makes it "all better."

3. Cuticles and lip balm. Ladies, listen up. If you don't yet have one of these in your purse or diaper bag, you're missing out! Everything Balm is a fantastic lip balm, it smells amazing, and you will probably find it easy to think of a ton other uses too, like a cuticle moisturizer, tops of dry hands and knuckles, or even an eye balm.

4. Teething. Teething can be miserable, but it doesn't have to be AS miserable with a protective balm that creates a barrier around the mouth from moisture. Plus you can feel really good putting this 100% natural and organic balm on your baby's face – and while you are at it, rub some on their cheeks! Is there anything better than soft squishy baby cheek kisses?

5. Burns. Ever burn yourself with a clothes iron, curling iron, oven or stovetop? You know how bad that stings, right? Grab the Everything Balm and you'll be surprised at how quickly it soothes and protects while your skin heals.

Ok, so maybe we gave you more than five uses, but with a name like Everything Balm it's nearly impossible to narrow it down!

This product is now USDA certified organic with 100% organic ingredients!

And by the way, this product is available in-store at Target (in the Women's Health aisle) or order one here and we'll get it right out to you!


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