Introducing our Summer Essentials box!

Introducing our Summer Essentials box!

Sunshine, adventure and warm summer evenings are some of our favorite things! When the weather warms up and humidity increases, heavy balms and creams are just too...well...heavy! The summer season calls for a new set of natural remedies, and we’ve selected a special trio to help. 

Sun and wind burn? Our Everything Balm can soothe and protect. It is perfect for chapped or wind burned cheeks, even soothing sunburn or razor burn!

Travel fatigue or motion sickness? Dab on a bit of our Refresh Oil and breathe. The minty-lime blend just may remind you of a refreshing mojito!

Bugs invading your personal space? Apply our Insect Repellent body oil before going out. This light weight oil doesn't leave you greasy, sticky, or smelling like you slathered yourself in chemicals. 

This limited bundle is packed in a pretty box that makes a great gift, and is being sold at a discounted bundle price!



Our Summer Essentials Box includes:

Available through Labor Day weekend! 

Happy Summer!


Team ZO

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