Garcy Fry from Eco Diva Beauty :: On Beauty + Motherhood

It's no secret that I'm passionate about all things motherhood and I love connecting with inspiring moms who can get real about the not so glamorous facts of motherhood, but also cherish the chaos. I'm also a big advocate for moms prioritizing self-care and Garcy gets it, plus she radiates beauty in a really contagious way. Garcy is just one of those women who can mother two adorable daughters, grow a baby in her stretch-mark-free belly, nurture a successful startup and tout the perfect red lipstick all at the same time.

Zoe Organics has been lucky to partner with Eco Diva Beauty from its inception and it was a delight to finally meet this mama in person at A Night for Green Beauty in Los Angeles this past August. She's every bit as beautiful in person.

I wanted to get inside Garcy's head for a few minutes and ask her some of her natural beauty and mama tips. I hope you find her answers as inspiring as I do:

Heather: Congratulations!! You are pregnant with number 3! Has your beauty routine changed at all since you found out you were pregnant? Any honorable mentions?

Garcy: Honestly, my routine is always changing. Running a beauty boutique means I have to be an expert on all of the products we carry, plus making the decisions about taking on new lines. So I’m constantly trying new things, and re-using old things. I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve never had sensitive skin, so I’ve been able to use different products all the time with no real consequences…..until recently. My skin recently had its first ever FREAK THE HELL OUT. I broke out like a teenager, with red spots all over my face. I knew I had to go back to my trusted basics: Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel, May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon and Problem Solver.

Heather: You are co-founder of one of the hottest online natural beauty shops. You already have two precious little girls and now another on the way. How does motherhood inspire, affect and challenge your role as entrepreneur? 

Garcy: Motherhood inspires me to do business in a way that is going to change the way we see beauty and get us connected to our planet in a positive way. I want to create something so much bigger than myself that it will have a lasting effect on future generations and the future of our planet so that my girls can grown up loving themselves, instead of shaming themselves, and the planet that sustains them, instead of destroying it.

As you know, being a mother is the most challenging job on the planet. It is a 24 hour/7 days a week job that requires your heart and soul, and is incredibly draining. Throw a fast growing values-based business in there, and you’ve got a recipe for exhaustion. I’m constantly feeling torn between family and business, everybody wants more of me, but I’m doing all that I can. I do my best to be present with my children when I’m with them, and I am present at work when I’m working, but there are times when the two have to be blended and thats reality. It’s a woman’s life struggle. 

Heather: I have personally struggled with taking the time for self-care. It is so easy to get consumed with taking care of your family and putting your needs last. Tell us your thoughts on the value of self-care and how do you personally incorporate self-care into your routine? Any special rituals?




Garcy: Self-care is crucial to our mental health, and as mothers and entrepreneurs it usually means we have very little time to devote to our well-being. I struggle with making time for things like yoga and exercise because they just aren’t convenient for my schedule and family. It may seem a little backwards, but I practice self-care daily by putting myself together. By getting dressed nicely, doing my hair and makeup, I feel presentable and a little more in control of life. When I get a chance, I love to take a bath with candles and I’ll meditate for awhile in there.

Heather: You are stunning and always look fresh (and not just on Instagram!). If you had to choose your top 3-5 best beauty tips for looking and feeling radiant and confident when pressed for time (and sleep), what would they be? 

Garcy: Thanks Heather. I wouldn’t feel right preaching organic beauty products if I didn’t use them everyday! My top beauty tips for looking and feeling radiant while pressed for time are as follows:

1. Tell yourself you are beautiful no matter how you feel, because you are! Every part of you was made to radiate beauty, not just your looks, and our looks and actions are affected by our thoughts.

2. Mascara. Never leave the house without mascara, because eyes are the first sign of looking tired. 

3. Drink water all day long. Your body and skin require water to function properly. 

4. A little lipstick goes a long way. When you are looking and feeling particularly tired, throw a little red lipstick on, and no one will be looking at your eyes. 

Heather: Please debunk any myth regarding beauty + motherhood for us. 

Garcy: There are no rules that work for everyone when it comes to beauty and motherhood. You have to do what feels right for you and your family. You are the author and creator of your own beautiful motherhood. 

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