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Zoe Organics values transparency and being up front with our customers about the how's and why's of our business. Today, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is new to organic and natural personal care products. He is also pretty frugal, and asked a fair question: “what makes Zoe Organics products worth the extra money over the conventional products I’ve used all my life? They even come in smaller sizes”. I was more than happy to list a few things for him and I thought maybe others would be interested in my response as well.

1. All but 2 of our products are 100% organic - meaning, they contain ONLY certified organic ingredients. Better for our bodies, better for the environment. Oh, and by the way, organic ingredients aren’t cheap! Remember that organic apple you bought at the grocery store last week, that was approximately double the price of the conventional one? Same with all of our organic ingredients. We don’t charge more because we want better margins. We charge more because we pay that much more to get the quality of ingredients that make up our organic formulations. We’d go out of business if we didn’t.  

2. The smaller containers? That’s because these babies are concentrated. No water, fillers, preservatives, synthetics...ONLY the good stuff. That means, you don’t need that 16 oz jug of conventional lotion, that’s 50% water to get you through the month. Our 2 oz Cream will do the trick and you can add water for free when applying our Cream, if you’d like.  

3. Our products WORK. I can’t count how many of our dear customers have shared that they walked away from their Rx creams or heaps of other conventional products when they discovered Zoe Organics - because they finally found the results and relief they were looking for. Last time I checked, prescriptions weren’t exactly cheap (or pleasant) either.  

4. Everything you ingest, inhale or put on your skin matters. When a woman is pregnant, the products she uses, enter her blood stream and impact her growing fetus. There are just too many devastating facts about how toxins affect a developing fetus and child to ignore the need for safe personal care products.  

5. We are a small business and have been making our products by hand for the past 5 years. We recently started working with a small women-owned manufacturer, here in the U.S, as a necessary step for our growth. We are honored to provide products to so many conscientious customers and we work incredibly hard to do so.

One of the lessons I've learned through time is that you really do get what you pay for. If the price is cheap, you are usually getting cheap. Another realization is that we spend money on the things we value, and that is different for everyone. While one values having nice things, another values experiences, and another values anything supporting health and personal wellness. When it comes to something like personal care, for example, we have to understand WHAT we are getting and WHY it is better (for us, the environment or another cause). We don't expect you to drop extra money without understanding first why you will pay more for Zoe Organics than conventional drug store brands, or even other natural brands. Mostly, we want you to feel really good about the choice to purchase our products and the benefits you get from using them. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject too! Share in the comments or send us a note. 




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  • May 29, 2015

    Thank you Heather for sharing. Honestly this is a huge eye opener to me. It’s funny because I never put two and two together… I have many organic food items in our house but I hadn’t thought of how that relates to skin care. As a matter-a-fact one of the physicians at the hospital where my wife and I work recently lectured on how every liquid we put on our skin makes its way into our bloodstream. So the content of the skincare that we put on does matter. I guess it’s a no brainer, but again something I hadn’t previously considered.

    Keep up the stellar work! And please develop a line for men.

    — Matthew Gphunk

  • May 29, 2015

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks for this explanation. While I am aware of all of the things you stated above, it was a helpful reminder of why I choose to purchase organic and safe products. Having a mortgage, bills, and two babies at home sometimes results in spending less money on things like beauty products for myself but in the end, the extra money I spend keeps me and my family safer and healthier so of course it’s worth it! I also saw recently that you adjusted your shipping costs to reflect a more economical option – much appreciated. When you’re already spending more to get quality products (like those at Zoe Organics!) every little bit helps, like paying less for shipping. Love seeing your stuff at Target now too! Thanks for giving us a safe option for health and beauty products.

    — Samantha

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