Modern Day Moms

Modern Day Moms
A lovely review of our Baby Bath Tea, Baby Massage Oil and Baby Balm by Modern Day Moms.

Not only am I the type to pick organic beauty products whenever I can, but my daughter has sensitive skin. And that means I have to be careful about the ingredients in the products I buy too. The poor girl has eczema. I have never had it, so I wasn’t very familiar with that particular skin condition. I had to look around for bath and skin care products that fit my desire to be friendly to the earth, and fit may daughters skin care needs.

Well, what do you know. A product exists that works in our home! I usually find I have to give up one thing for another, but not in this case! Zoe Organics has me covered pretty much all around. Zoe’s seeks out the highest quality organic ingredients to use in their products. Not only do they strive to bring you awesome products with quality ingredients, they also have made human rights their mission. Check their website for tons more information about their products and their mission!

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