zoe organics mommy and baby balm

Our pediatrician recommends the use of Crisco to treat a myriad of issues, such as diaper rash, healing circumcision, chapped skin on the face or elsewhere, cradle cap and sunburn. Women have used Crisco for years as a moisturizer. It’s inexpensive, fairly natural and has a high vitamin E content. The primary ingredients in Crisco are soybean oil and cottonseed oil in full and partially hydrogenated form. The texture of Crisco is fairy greasy, but it smoothes on nicely and is colorless on the skin. The main things I have not been able to get past, though, are the scent of Crisco and the ugly Crisco tub in my diaper bag or on my changing table.

During one of our appointments, our pediatrician said in jest “someone needs to bottle up Crisco and label it as a beauty product and they would have a successful business!”

Zoe Organics Mommy & Baby Balm was inspired by the use of Crisco as a multi-purpose skin care product. The ingredients of ZO's balm are dramatically different than Crisco, and I believe they are more effective as a skin care formula (after all, Crisco was intended for cooking, right?). Every ingredient of ZO's balm is natural (even the preservatives) and almost entirely organic. The scent is amazing and the packaging is being designed for the environmentally conscious and hip momma!

Here are the ingredients (listed by common name):

Certified Organic Shea Butter
Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
Certified Organic Coconut Oil
Natural Beeswax
Echinacea Extract
Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Certified Organic Vanilla Essential Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Rosemary Extract

I will be posting a glossary of the natural ingredients used in Zoe Organics products and their beneficial and healing properties shortly.

Just for fun, here is a comparison chart between ZO Balm and Crisco (as a skin care solution):

Texture very similar – creamy balm, colorless when applied to skin, fairly absorbent while providing a barrier very similar – creamy balm, colorless when applied to skin, fairly absorbent while providing a barrier
Scent mild, clean, sweet hmm…like heavy cooking oil
Uses diaper rash prevention (barrier), cradle cap, sunburn, dry or chapped skin, cheek balm for teething wet faces, lip balm, cold dry weather barrier for exposed skin, and many other creative uses! same basic uses
Ingredients all natural butter, oil, beeswax, extracts and essential oils hydrogenated oils, mono and diglycerides, TBHQ and citric acid
Properties each ingredient is not only pure and organic, but it is loaded with healing and beneficial properties junk food in comparison
Overall Effectiveness and Satisfaction of Product stay tuned for testimonies of the moms who have tried it (and hopefully that of my pediatrician :)) Overall, it produces some beneficial results as a skin care product, however much is left desired by its scent, packaging and image as well as it lacks many of the healing and beneficial properties of ZO balm (I guess this goes back to Crisco's original intended use: vegetable shortening - for cooking)

For a sample of ZO Mommy & Baby Balm, please contact heather@zoe-organics.com and I would be happy to send some your way!

Oh, and although the name of this product (mommy & baby balm) is true to our mission to serve moms and babies, this balm is fabulous for anyone! My husband loves it as a lip balm!

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