zoe organics diaper cream

My boys have had few diaper rashes, but those they did have were very painful (this I knew by the squirming and screaming during diaper changes!). The process usually involved grabbing an assortment of balms and white creams all claiming to treat diaper rash, but few actually working well. Some required reapplying for days before seeing significant improvement. Balms, natural or synthetic, tend to be great for prevention, but most moms would agree that the most effective diaper rash “ointment” has a high percentage of zinc oxide.

I would now like to introduce Zoe Organics Diaper Cream to our line of products. This is a creamy, mildly sweet smelling product, loaded with natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and healing, soothing and restoring ingredients.

Ingredients: organic sweet almond oil infused with organic lavender flowers, organic chamomile flowers and organic calendula flowers, avocado butter, natural beeswax, zinc oxide, echinacea, lavender essential oil, vitamin E oil, rosemary oleoresin.

One of the things I really value in personal care products is the scent. The scent of a product can be a deciding factor in whether or not I will purchase it. When it comes to diaper creams, so many of the popular ones (desitin, balmex, pinxav) have a very strong, medicinal scent. In contrast, Zoe Organics Diaper Cream smells sweet; a combination of the herbs, essential oils, and natural beeswax.

Additionally, most diaper creams use a petrolatum or lanolin base.  We use organic oils and avocado butter, which are not only loaded with vitamins and nutrients, but are safe.

No product would be complete without adding my personal testimony. So, once again, I pulled in one of my loyal product testers. My 1 year old, Wyatt, had a terrible diaper rash yesterday. I grabbed the Zoe Organics Diaper Cream before he went to bed and generously applied it. When he woke up, I was delighted to see that the rash was completely gone.

I would never be satisfied with product that was only “organic” or smelled good. A product has to work! So, once again, I am thrilled to offer a product that is all natural/organic, smells fabulous AND works!

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