A New Month, A New Look

Today is the final day of March. Tomorrow starts a new month and we have yet to launch the products we have been raving about.

We are (once again) putting the finishing touches on our labels and working on our e-commerce site! A few weeks ago, Pam (Yellow Heron Design) and I decided to take another look at the containers and labels for Zoe Organics. This process has involved hours of research and brainstorming to find a superior option.

One of the core values of Zoe Organics, from conception, has been to find alternatives to the abundance of consumer packaging waste and to use materials that are non-toxic, functional, and beautiful. Little did I know what a challenge this would be!

I have an aversion to plastic, however, finding alternatives; options that are easily recyclable, reusable or biodegradable is not nearly as simple as I once thought. I have been shocked to find that very few packaging materials exist – especially for a start-up on a budget!  If you are lucky enough to find something unique, it is often lacking in functionality, aesthetic appeal, safety, or financial feasibility. It is no mystery why it has taken me so long to commit!

All this to say, I am really happy with what we have come up with. I don’t have a photo to share yet, but the new logo on our blog is a hint to what our labels will look like.

And, I have to admit, this process has been humbling. It is much easier to look critically on what needs to be changed, than to actually be that change. I am learning that it really is about baby steps. Doing what you can, even if it means you can’t have it all at once. Isn’t life like this? We make the most of what we are given.

We do have some unique initiatives in the works to help achieve our long-term goals and we will stay current on new superior alternatives that come available. I believe that over the next several years we will begin to see new innovative materials and technology that meet the demand for cleaner, greener containers and packaging.

We really are only weeks away from our official launch. Thank you for coming along on this adventure. I promise it will be well worth the wait!

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