This is a follow up to our last post Interview with Pediatrician, Dr. Michael Shannon. Thank you for submitting such great questions! It is clear that there is a lot of misinformation out there, even amongst physicians whom we hope would be able to offer competent education and solutions.

Dr. Shannon read through your questions and rather than answering each individually, he provided some online resources to pass on to you.  I spent some time “digging through” this list as well and I think you will find it helpful. Several of your questions are topics that we are going to cover in detail in coming posts, so watch for them!


The following links provide an overview of eczema, as well as; types, treatment, photos, relevant research and news:


Skincare Physicians

Food Intolerance & Eczema:

Talk Eczema

Food Intol

Skincare Guide (see also related links on right side)

Infant Quality of Life Survey:

I was particularly interested in this survey and think this is a useful tool for parents. A parent’s priority is to ensure the maximum quality of life for our children. This brief 10 question survey provides you with a Quality of Life Index in relation to his/her eczema. This may be a great aid to print and take with you to the next appointment with your pediatrician or dermatologist.

Index Explanation and Scoring

Infant Quality of Life Index

A big thank you to Dr. Shannon for taking time to shed some more light on the topic of eczema. I hope you were able to find the answers to some of your questions and even some new insights in this material.

Tell us what you have learned so far!  Two (2) participants will receive an Organic Baby Balm tube! This product is perfect for dry, chapped skin on faces, hands, behind the knees, etc.

This also counts as an entry for our grand prize drawing at the end of our eczema series!

To enter:

1. If you found the answer to one of your questions about eczema, please share! If not, tell us something new you learned from reading through these resources.

2. Tell us: Have you been to a holistic practitioner or herbalist to seek information or treatment for or your child’s eczema (or yours)? Why or why not?

Thanks again for your participation! More great info coming this week!