Zoe Organics Extreme Cream survey results!

Back in March, we asked for 3 volunteers to test our organic Extreme Cream and provide feedback in a short survey. I asked those who were interested in participating to send me their stories and why they were interested in testing our product. The number of responses we received were great and I had a hard time not just including everybody! We had our 3 product testers chosen within a few hours, and here are their stories:

Participant #1: My son is 6 months old and he’s suffered from eczema ever since he was born.  Now that it’s the winter months it’s even more severe.  I have even had to change from disposable diapers to cloth because being in contact with any chemicals just causes the eczema to flare up.  His doctor has prescribed hydrocortisone to clear it up and I don’t feel comfortable using anything that isn’t organic on his skin.  My 5 year old son had eczema too when he was a baby and the Aveeno line of products helped a bit, but only to some extent.  I have been looking everywhere for a product that doesn’t have harmful chemicals in it to use on my little man’s face and body.  I feel so bad for my son and I’m desperate to find something to relieve him from his painful condition.

Participant #2: My 5 y.o. son has such bad eczema on his hands that they crack and bleed.  His doctor just recently prescribed some steroid cream to help him out. It’s helping, but not eliminating the problem.  His hands look and feel so old and weathered for being such a young child. One problem is that he sucks his thumb, especially at night, and we are hesitant to put products on his hands that he  might ingest.

Participant #3: I noticed these dry patches. It actually felt like dried syrup patches on him, tried to wash it off his leg at bathtime and noticed it on his arm and back. At my sons 4 month well baby check I asked the dr and he said eczema.  I felt so bad, my little guy isn’t able to tell me when things itch or hurt. He is now 5 months and because he is so young I try to use products that are better for his skin.


So, we sent them each a 2 oz. jars of our organic Extreme Cream and told them to use the entire jar and then fill out a 10 question survey online. Here are the unedited results (all 3 participants agreed to let me publish their responses).


1.  Please briefly describe your child’s eczema symptoms, location on his/her body, and for how long they have suffered.

Participant #1: My son has had eczema since he was born and he is now 8 months old. He has it on his cheeks, behind his knees and a couple of patches near his elbows.

Participant #2: My 5 y.o. has extreme eczema on his hands. It seems to be a problem year round but winter is the worst. It’s probably been a problem for a couple of years, but we only recently began working with his doctor on it.

Participant #3: 4 months and it’s located a little on his arms, but mainly on his legs.


2. You have received a jar of Zoe Organics Extreme Cream because your child suffers from eczema. Please select all that apply:

Participant #1: My child has seen a pediatrician and/or dermatologist because of this condition (1 participant selected this option)

Participant #2: My child has been prescribed prescription medication for his/her eczema (2 participants selected this option)

Participant #3: My child’s eczema has lasted for longer than 3 months (3 participants selected this option) 


3. Please briefly describe the products or medications you have tried for your child’s eczema prior to using Zoe Organics Extreme Cream, and the results they produced.

Participant #1: Prior to using the Zoe Organics Extreme Cream I have tried using Aveeno, Hydrocortisone, Johnson & Johnson’s sensitive skin cream as well as Weleda’s baby cream. The aveeno worked on a short term basis. The Johnson & Johnson and Weleda creams seemed to cause the eczema to flare up.

Participant #2: He was given a steroid cream to try. It works, but when we stop using it the eczema returns. We have not tried many creams to help with the problem. Also, our son is a very busy boy so getting him to apply cream a few times a day is a challenge. Also, he sucks his thumb at night so sometimes that’s a problem with treating his skin.

Participant #3: I have tried many of the over the counter creams. I found them to be overly thick and they didn’t improve much if at all.


4. Please rate the effectiveness of Zoe Organics Extreme Cream for your child’s eczema after using the entire 2 oz jar of Extreme Cream.

Eczema gone! (0)

Eczema much improved! (all 3 participants selected this option)

Slight improvement (0)

No improvement (0)


5. Please describe how you used our Extreme Cream. 1.) How often did you apply it, 2.) when did you apply it (i.e. after bath time), and 3.) how long did the 2 oz jar last?

Participant #1: I applied the Extreme Cream when my son woke up in the morning, after washing his face at breakfast, lunch and dinner and at bed time after his bath. The 2 oz jar lasted me approximately 2 weeks.

Participant #2: We tried to remember to apply it a few times a day. Although, we did travel for a bit and it was harder to remember to apply it to our son. We would apply it after breakfast and after dinner when he had clean hands. The other times we would apply it were more random. We still have some cream left in the jar. It seems like a little can really go a long way if I help me son apply it to his hands.

Participant #3: I used about 95% of the jar. It was applied many times throughout the day, 5-6. I applied after bath and sporatic times throughout the day.


6. Describe your child’s reaction to using the product. Did you notice any reactions to the scent, texture, etc.?

Participant #1: My son is used to me putting creams on his face. He always tries to rub it off against something whether it be his blanket, hands etc. He had no reaction to the scent or texture of the product.

Participant #2: We had no negative issues with your product.

Participant #3: I loved the fact it was scent free. The texture was very smooth, a bit thick, but I know that it necessary.


7. Please provide your overall satisfaction of the product. Is there anything in particular you liked or did not like about our Extreme Cream?

Participant #1: I love using the product, my only concern with it was that it seems to leave a oily residue, but it works so well that I would be able to deal with it. It moisturizes the skin for a long time and it seems to condition it too.

Participant #2: It is a bit oily. My son felt like he needed to put gloves on so he wouldn’t leave oily residue on things. However, I think it is that oiliness that helped treat his eczema. We have a large family living on one income, so the cost of the product is a bit of a stretch for us to afford.

Participant #3: I did like the product. My son didn’t have a reaction to it and it seemed to help his skin. I was not thrilled with the jar, I prefer pump just for sanitary reasons. I did like the fact the jar was sealed. Other product that I tried did not have the safety seal and I was kind of leary about purchasing them.


8. Would you use Zoe Organics Extreme Cream again?

Yes! (100%)

No (0)


9. Please tell us why you answered Yes! or No in question #8:

Participant #1: I would continue to use the Zoe Organics Extreme Cream again because it has helped my little man’s eczema tremendously. He doesn’t scratch at his face anymore and he seems like it’s not bothering him as much as before.

Participant #2: I would use it again because it really seems to help soothe the irritations of eczema skin. Both on my son and on me. (I would have my son wipe the excess from his palms onto the backs of my hands.)

Participant #3: The product helped my son.


10. Please add any additional feedback or suggestions here:

Participant #1: It would be nice if this product was available in a squeeze bottle form for easier dispensing of the product. If you could make a larger jar with more product it would be really convenient.

Participant #2: Thank you so much for letting us try your product on our son. I felt better using a non-steroid based product on him.

Participant #3: None at this time. Thank you for including us in the testing.


Are you interested in trying our Extreme Cream? Leave a comment on our Facebook Wall telling us why and we will randomly select a winner (via random.org) on Tuesday, May 10!

Have you tried our Extreme Cream? Please share your comments and testimonials in the comment section here as well! We love hearing from you!

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  • Mar 08, 2012

    Thank you for this series.

    — Trisha W.

  • Mar 08, 2012

    I haven’t tried it but would love to! Going to go post on your FB page! LOL

    — Amanda Alvarado

  • Mar 08, 2012

    I know what they are saying about the oily residue. I have found, though, that the Extreme Cream soaks in pretty quickly–and it is a heck of a lot less messy than Vaseline, which my doctor has recommended before. I don’t know if there is a non-oily heavy-duty lotion out there, but I think the heaviness of the cream is what gets results (as one participant said). Just a thought!

    — Lorilin

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