I love stories. I particularly love to hear the stories behind my favorite products or companies. Hearing how it came to be can breathe life into something ordinary. So, with that said, I want to tell you a quick story about a new little skincare tool we have!

Because Zoe Organics products are so natural (think fresh, raw, food-grade) and they contain no preservatives (hurray!), we stress the importance of keeping dirty fingers and water out of the sweet little jars. We have some customers who use q-tips - but when I imagine how many diaper changes and applications of Diaper Balm they blow through each day, that’s a helluva lot of q-tip waste. And It isn’t always practical to have a sink and soap handy when you need to slather on some Extreme Cream.

I have been on the lookout since the inception of Zoe Organics for the perfect little scoop or spoon to remedy this problem. Nothing extravagant, but not plastic or popsicle sticks either. I wanted something that could be reused over and over white maintaining its integrity and I’m a girl…so it had to be pretty.

So, here’s the story:

A few months ago, I was at a business meeting at the fabulous Solbar, at Solage, Calistoga. (As a side note, If you haven’t been to Solage, or its heavenly award winning spa or restaurant, it is such a treat and a place I would highly recommend adding to your wish list). Ok, back to the story. As I was sitting at the table with Lee Wassem (sales pro extraordinaire), my eyes fell on the sweetest little salt dish and then the even more adorable little spoon in it. It took about half a second to realize that this little salt spoon was exactly what I had been looking for! After a few phone calls and emails we were able to locate these spoons at a local mom & pop store in Napa and I am thrilled to say that they will be available on our site next week! 

Here is a quick list of reasons why you should use one:

1.     As I already mentioned, it keeps contaminants out of your product, which helps it to last longer.

2.     You can scoop out the perfect amount of product - it doubles as a measuring scoop - which will also help your product last longer.

3.     I hate getting product under my nails – don’t you?

4.     It looks super cute! (sorry – I had to add this)


Be on the lookout. We’ll have them on the site next week!