Partner Profile: Redefining the urban baby with Urba Baby!

This month, we are excited to feature one of our very special retailers; Urba Baby! Urba Baby is located in the heart of Chicago's Lincoln Park district and the chic boutique is full of hand-picked baby, child and parenting essentials that the family behind this amazing brand have tested themselves. 

Marti contacted us a few months before they opened and we loved everything they were about. Working with them has been such a pleasure and we can't wait to see what they do next...and with two sweet little boys in tow. 

The Urba Team is always coming up with clever ideas; such as their recent Urba Bundles: pre-packaged, problem-solver bundles for babies and mom. LOVE.

We asked Marti, founder and owner of Urba Baby, a few questions. We were lucky to catch her too, because she is due any day now with baby #2!

1.     Tell us about the concept of Urba Baby. How is it different from other children’s boutiques?

Urba Baby was created with the belief that we wanted a place where city families could learn and grow together by partnering with local community resources and offering classes, workshops and events. Our products stand out because we only carry hand picked “must-have” items that are problem solvers and help make your life easier.

2.     Urba Baby is located in the heart of Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. We admire the solid community you have created at Urba Baby. What types of classes and events do you offer to keep your community growing?

As I mentioned above our focus is all about community and that is why we focus on building strong relationships and partnering with local businesses to offer classes such as, Mom & Baby Yoga, Mandarin and Spanish classes, story-time, stroller fitness, bubbles academy music classes and more!

3.     Your son, Little E, gives us his “Top 5 Picks” on your website every so often (so cute!). However, we would love to hear what’s in your diaper bag! You can also tell us what we might find in your diaper bag soon, as you are expecting baby #2- congrats again!

Right now I use and love my Ju-Ju-Be Be Tween diaper bag, after buying a designer brand bag that I never used and switching bags several times, I found the Be Tween to be the best! It’s the perfect size for everything you need, easy to organize and wash. I plan to switch to the Be All or B.F.F with two kids for the pack back feature and a little more room! Inside the bag is, Johnson & Johnson face and hand wipes, Boogie Wipes, ZoLi Bot Straw Sippy Cup, Hand Sanitizer, Tissue, extra outfit, a toy or book, snacks with non-spill snack cup, my MAC viva glam lip-gloss, wipes and diapers of course! With two, I am going to try to keep it simple and not add much beyond newborn diapers, Sofie the giraffe, an extra outfit for those on-the-go blowouts (TMI) and a bottle! I realized after having one they don’t really need as much as we think.

4.     The trend of natural/organic products is certainly on the rise. Is this important to you and your customers? Has Chicago embraced this trend?  

I believe they have and I do as a mom myself. I love the Itzy Ritzy snack happened bags instead of using a ton of ziplocs, bamboo clothing is my favorite, we love Kicky Pants in our house and we cater to this need in our store by offering awesome hand-picked natural/organic products, such as Zoe Organics, which we use for every bath time!

5.     If you could look into the future, say, into the next couple of years…what do you see for Urba Baby?

Looking into the future is my favorite thing to do! I see big things for Urba Baby and a little secret; we plan to expand to location #2 this summer! We really believe in our concept and stand behind the products we carry and love that we are becoming apart of such an awesome community of city families. Each store, as we grow, will continue with the same philosophy of partnering with awesome local businesses to bring community resources to the families. Our next space will have a little more room for our classes and a small play area for the kids, so parents can shop at ease knowing their kids are safe and happy. Since we are non-stop thinking entrepreneurs, expect big things from Urba in the near future that’s for sure!

Thanks, Marti! 

We can't wait to see the next store and are confident that Urba Baby will continue to grow and thrive. We are proud to see our products line Urba Baby store shelves.

To stay up to speed on the latest Urba news, follow Urba Baby on Facebook and Twitter. We love reading tweets from Urba mama and Urba Dada too!

We, at Zoe Organics, wish you a beautiful birth, a healthy baby boy and much continued success in your entrepreneurial endeavors! xo

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