A Lifestyle Brand for the Conscious Family

Inspiration always comes to me in the wee hours of the morning. I’m not sure why. Maybe this is the only time when I am still enough and quiet enough to hear God whisper his dreams and plans in my ear. Whatever the reason, this last time it happened, I was frantically typing by the light of my iphone, in bed, as this creative download came streaming though my bedroom. It was early Spring.

I had been feeling that familiar restlessness. The need for fresh life to be breathed into the company, yet not quite sure what that meant. I had been tossing around several new products and concepts, but nothing felt right. Everything I considered felt overwhelming and stereotypical. I didn’t want to go with the flow and create more of the same. I needed something different.

Zoe Organics began with a baby line. I had an infant and a toddler when the company launched. The pregnancy line was created in time for my third pregnancy and now the company was once again evolving with my growing, active family.

What was conceived that early Spring morning, began with our new company slogan;


A Lifestyle Brand for the Conscious Family


What followed was a rapid rebranding; complete with new designs, new colors, new product containers, new products, and a streamlining of our current products.

Beginning in August, Zoe Organics will be introducing new organic lifestyle products, with a focus on the mindful family. We have taken a minimalist approach while streamlining our existing and new products to be more family friendly - inspired by the European model, where shared spaces require multi-purpose functionality. This simplicity allows us room to add products as we continue to grow.

While we have largely become known for our mom & baby products, we are a family brand; and our customers have helped us to see this more clearly. From the dad who loves our foaming wash for the closest, gentlest shave, to the mom who keeps Baby Balm in her purse for everything from lips to scrapes. Grandparents keep the products handy and are delighted by the gentle ingredients that do wonders to repair and revitalize their mature skin.

With that said, let me stop and reassure anyone who is concerned: our mom & baby products remain at the core of this company and we will continue to provide these gentle, yet effective formulas, while building upon them to offer more options for families, such as ours, as they grow and become more active! 

Now, I can’t divulge everything in this first post, but we do have some pretty great new products that will be available in two weeks and I can hardly wait to unveil the gorgeous new designs that our designer, Pam has come up with either!!

What I can tell you is this: We are ready to clear out our old product packaging to make room for the new! So, while supplies last, we are offering a discount on all web orders! Use code CLEAROUT at checkout and receive 20% off!

We do ask for your patience over the next few weeks as we transition between the old and new packaging and introduce new products. As our current inventory sells out, we will mark them as sold out on the website…but ONLY until our new inventory is available! Our make-over is scheduled to be complete the week of August 6th and we will announce the exact launch date as it gets closer!

Stay tuned for the new branding reveal and interview with Pam Golafshar, the design genius behind our new look!


-Heather Hamilton, founder

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  • Jul 30, 2012

    Oh wow! I can’t wait to see the new design and products! I love what you are doing; I’m a huge supporter of your journey! xx

    — Laura

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