Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

I knew I was pregnant before I took a test all 3 times. Maybe it was the sixth sense we mothers have, or maybe it was just that "off" feeling...that slightly nauseous, "what did I eat?" feeling.

My first two pregnancies were boys and the third was a girl. Pregnancies 1 & 2 were very similar with mild morning sickness that was usually worse in the morning and evening, but didn't affect me nearly as much as the fatigue I felt. The third pregnancy, however, hit me like the flu.I was fortunate enough to be working from home at that point because most mornings I didn't feel like I could function like a human being until after 10am - and I'm a morning person!

My experience working as a doula, talking with my friends and customers and of course going through it myself has given me some insight into some of the natural remedies that bring relief - even if only temporarily. Here are a few of them:

1. Keep your blood sugar up. Don't let yourself get hungry - graze throughout the day. Eating small meals or snacks will keep your energy up without your stomach feeling full and heavy.

2. Drink between meals, not during. This will allow your stomach to digest more easily and avoid that "full" feeling while you are eating.

3. Snack on foods that are easy to digest (complex carbs) and fruit. Think simple, bland food that is easy on your sensitive palate and sense of smell. If the smells bothers you, don't eat it. I craved citrus during all three pregnancies and found it really refreshing during the first trimester.

4.  Get plenty of fresh air! Nothing like a stuffy room, a co-worker's perfume, synthetic air freshener or strong food odor to make a pregnant mama want to run for the bathroom. Take frequent walks outside, get a small fan or open up the windows (weather permitting). Most pregnant women are intensely attracted or strongly repelled by odors - so avoid situations that may trigger an adverse reaction.

5. Ginger. Ah, ginger - how we love you! Get your ginger in a variety of forms from natural brew (not the imitation soda) to lozenges, tea or aromatherapy. The scent and flavor bring relief as well as relaxing the intestinal tract. 

6. Peppermint/Lavender. Peppermint tea and essential oil are great ways to quell nausea. Use essential oils sparingly and dilute appropriately. Do not use internally unless directed by your healthcare provider. A few drops on your pillowcase, handkerchief or in a diffuser can help relieve symptoms. You can also create a compress by putting a few drops of peppermint or lavender EO on a warm compress and placing it on your chest or forehead.

7. Be gentle on yourself and remember that it won't last forever. The first trimester can seem to drag on without end, especially when you don't feel well. Fatigue and your changing shape and hormones can add to the discomfort and emotionals. Some women do experience morning sickeness longer than the first trimester and even throughout their entire pregnancies, but most women experience a significant decrease in symptoms after the first 13 weeks.

One of the brand new products we launched in August is our Refresh OilThis aromatherapy oil was created to curb nausea; particuarly associated with morning sickness and motion sickness. Our Refresh Oil comes in a small roller bottle that fits perfectly in a purse, pocket or bag and can be taken with you anywhere (airplane, boat, train, car). Made with organic oils and essential oils of lime, peppermint, ginger and spearmint - a blend that not only smells delicious, but calm the stomach. 

Do you have any tips or natural remedies that helped you with morning sickness? Please share! This list is by no means exhaustive - so we would love to hear what worked for you!


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