Caught on Film

We are a bit behind the times here, but we FINALLY have a video! 
My dear friend, Sheree Martin is the executive producer at, who recently launched BuyTV Services - a professional video production company dedicated to helping small businesses, merchants and organizations get their message across in a personal, information and compelling way. 
When Sheree asked me if Zoe Organics would like to be part of their launch campaign, I was over the moon!...then really nervous.
You see, my husband and I had gotten the crazy idea about a year ago that we would make a simple video ourselves. After all, people do it all the time and it couldn't be that hard, right?! My husband would man the camera and I would eloquently tell the story of Zoe Organics and post it for all the world to see...  Truth is, the whole thing was a disaster. There was nothing eloquent or concise about the story I was trying to tell or the drama in the background. My first attempt had turned out so bad that I when the opportunity arose again, I was not feeling the least bit confident in my on-camera skills. 
The day came and I had been meticulously and frantically cleaning up our production space (no - it isn't always as tidy as it looks in the video). I had no idea what to wear and was still changing outfits when the videographers showed up. 
The videographers, Tyler and Seamus, from Ten and Two - a local, San Francisco-based video production and marketing services company - arrived right on time and began setting up. I stood there awkwardly wishing I had purchased a few new outfits and hired a stylist to do my hair and makeup. I mean, what was I thinking?!? I was going to expose my safe, private-little-life-out-in-the-country on camera, and I was wearing a t-shirt, my favorite jeans and worn out TOMS?! Oh yeah...I'm a mom!
Well, once all was set up, we sat down and Seamus started a relaxed conversation with me. We talked about my kids and why I was passionate about non-toxic skincare, how Zoe Organics got started, why we are different, what my plans were for the future. Grace joined us while I showed them some of the products and ingredients. I went through some of the processes (although on a very small and limited scale) for making a few of our products. We poured oils and labelled containers...and all the while Tyler and Seamus were creating the b-roll that was later edited down and sent to the BuyTV Services team to create our video. 
For all the stress my introverted self went through leading up to our video shoot, I have to hand it to Tyler and Seamus of Ten and Two for making this such a positive experience. Once the emphasis was off of "THIS IS A VIDEO SHOOT" and instead "let's chat about what you are passionate about" everything shifted. There was nothing rehearsed or canned. It was the type of conversation I would have had with anyone who asked about what I do and why I love it so much. Grace definitely stole the show and I'm fairly certain she has an acting career in her future. 
The day Sheree sent over the video that she and her team had skillfully and thoughtfully put together, was pivotal for me. My husband and I watched it together through tears. Not because Zoe Organics is a business icon or because the video will make us rich and famous. But because it tells our story. Because we know all of the trials faced, obstacles we have overcome and sacrifices our family has made to get to this point. To have a means for sharing in motion and through sound a little bit more of who we are, feels really good. 
It also feels good to put ourselves out there. Transparency and authenticity are values we stand behind. And this raw, honest footage captures the true essence of Zoe Organics. 
So, with all that said, we present to you our debut video. Thanks for watching...

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