Giving Thanks :: A Note from our Founder

Giving Thanks :: A Note from our Founder

This morning I woke before the sun and to a still-quiet house. As I lingered for as long as possible in my warm bed, I reflected on this holiday and all that I'm thankful for. This year, is a bit different than years past... 

Two months ago, on September 12, my family lost our home and all of our possessions in the "Valley Fire" wildfire in northern California. The past two months have been a journey of highs and lows and so many emotions. Grieving the sentimental things and yet celebrating a sense of freedom and liberation from realizing how little we actually need. Tragic events have a way of bringing it all back home. When the peripheral "noise" is removed, its so much easier to focus on what really matters.

The events surrounding the wildfire gave my husband and I courage to step into what our hearts had been prompting, but that required us to leave the familiar comforts that held us there. As we walk into this new adventure, we are filled with hope. In the coming months, we will reveal more of what this new adventure entails. Lot's of new beginnings for Zoe Organics and our family. 

This year, was a transformational year for Zoe Organics. We launched in 1000 Target stores, hired a co-packer to help us keep up with demand and we hired 3 new employees! I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to know that this little business, that was started in a recession, is now supporting 5 families. I am SO incredibly thankful for the compassionate, dynamic women I get to work with every day. Small Business Saturday will be here this weekend, and I'm proud to be part of a small business, creating jobs for American families and supported by loyal, savvy customers...THANK YOU.

With my sincerest gratitude, I want to tell you how much your loving support of Zoe Organics means to me, personally. You have invited me to share in your triumphs (big and small), your tears, your fears and struggles. You have been here to support me in mine as well. These past two months, your encouragement and comfort kept me going. 

I'm thankful that Zoe Organics is more than a product line. We are a community. Thank you for being part of something so special. 

For all of these things and more...I'm giving thanks today. 




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