Why I fell in love (again) with Zoe Organics Cream

Why I fell in love (again) with Zoe Organics Cream

Part butter, part balm, part cream...this unique, ultra-rich, high-performing product quickly became one of the most popular in the Zoe Organics lineup after its launch in 2011. Originally named "Extreme Cream," it has effectively soothed and restored the driest, most chapped skin, the most frustrating cases of eczema, and is known for its multi-functionality (with uses from head to toe!). 

Even though this product has been around for several years, when the cold, dry months hit, I fall in love (again). My whole family has become dependent on this product for soft, healthy skin that doesn't itch or feel tight and rough. 

The first and primary ingredient in this Cream is certified organic shea butter. I remember discovering the magic of shea very early on in my product creation research. I loved the creamy butter that would melt into my skin without leaving a greasy residue, and how a very small amount would visibly change the appearance and texture of my skin. I can remember smashing and blending and whipping this butter to achieve the perfect texture, then adding rich oils and herbal infusions to create something so decadent and so pure... and then letting my skin eat it up. 


How does it work? 

  • It is an anhydrous (waterless) formula, which means it is concentrated, and creates a moisture barrier with good water-binding properties.
  • Shea butter melts into the skin with body heat and works as a refatting agent. It has high levels of vitamins A & E. 
  • Other rockstar ingredients; coconut oil, rosehip seed oil and avocado oil, as well as herbal extracts of calendula and marshmallow root, pack in additional antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins.  
  • This product is "naked" or without any essential oils or added scent that might irritate sensitive noses. 
  • Probably the biggest misconception is that this Cream is going to feel super heavy, greasy or clog pores. While it certainly is heavier than a light, water-based lotion, it will out-perform one any day. It won't clog pores, so don't be afraid to use it on your face (it's especially nice as a night cream or eye cream).


Part of the the trick is knowing how to apply it:

  • A little goes a long way, so start with 1/2 teaspoon of product for your body (less for your face) and rub between your palms until it has melted to an liquid oil consistency. Pat or massage into skin and add as needed. Let your skin be the guide.
  • For extra dry, chapped or compromised skin (dry or scabbed patches of eczema, for example), apply directly after bathing, while skin is still damp. Reapply generously, several times per day. 


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