7 Amazing Functions of our Skin

7 Amazing Functions of our Skin

Our skin is truly one of the most amazing organs! We so often put the emphasis on its appearance (color, tone, whether its free from blemishes, etc.), and while those things can certainly be important, they aren't necessarily indicators of whether or not the skin is healthy. We should also look at the functions of our skin as a whole to understand more fully how much it does for us AND how to best take care of it.

Let's review some facts about our skin. It is our largest organ, made up of 3 main layers; the epidermis (top, outer layer), dermis (deeper layer) and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissues). Your skin makes up approximately 10-15% of your body weight! Here are seven primary functions of the skin: 

  • Container: it literally holds our body's contents together, guarding muscles, bones, joints and internal organs.
  • Waterproofing: skin protects the living cells inside our bodies from losing moisture, and the lipids (oils) in our skin provide a barrier protecting our skin on the outside.  
  • Body temperature regulation: this is done through sweat glands and blood vessel dilation or constriction.
  • Warning of pain or injury: nerve endings present in the dermis alert us of things that could cause injury; such as a hot or sharp objects.
  • Protection from infection: bacterial colonies or microbiome on the skin create part of our immune system.
  • Protection from UV radiation: by the creation of pigment melanin.
  • Recognizing foreign bodies: langerhans cells are the first (outermost) line of defense for the cutaneous immune defense. These cells can attach to foreign materials and bring them down to the lymph glands where they can be processed and eliminated. 

The more we study the skin, the more in awe we are of how intricate it is and how much a healthy functioning skin does for our bodies. When our skin is compromised, it cannot function correctly and this can result in discomfort or even injury. We can see how seemingly simple things like dryness, chapped or cracked skin can disrupt the ability of the skin to function correctly. 

When choosing products for your skin, it's important to select things that work with it as it protects and repairs itself. At Zoe Organics, we provide a variety of topical formulas that do just that. Our organic balms, butters, oils and herbs provide nutrients from nature that support its immune function without delivering stressors from toxins. How are you caring for and supporting your amazing skin? 


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