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Digital Wallpaper Download: July 2016

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Digital Wallpaper Download: July 2016

Ah, summertime...

I grew up in Arizona, and every summer my family would go to California for a week or so – usually camping somewhere – and always, without fail, we would spend as much time as possible at the beach. I have such great memories of these times, so I thought it appropriate to bring out some quintessential summertime imagery from my childhood for this month's wallpaper download.

Plus, a quote from Gandhi because, well... just because. I love it.

To download your digital wallpaper, click any of the following links according to your screen size, and a new window will open – just right-click on the image and download.

– Pam


Zoe Organics Digital Wallpaper  |  Free Download  |  July 2016

 Download links:









iPad (lock screen) / iPad background wallpaper (home screen) *

iPhone 5

iPhone 6 

iPhone 6 Plus


*BONUS IMAGE for your iPad – so you can unlock/open your iPad with the regular image (lock screen), and have a similar image that works better as a background wallpaper (home screen)! Visual nerds, unite! :)


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