Everything Balm & Breathe Balm Updates!

Everything Balm & Breathe Balm Updates!

You have been asking about our Everything Balm and Breathe Balm that mysteriously went out of stock this summer. For those who use our Everything Balm religiously; who have one in each bag and never leave home without it (you know who you are!) this caused a bit of anxiety. We hear ya! That is how we felt when we found out that the only manufacturer of the particular tube we had been using for more than 10 YEARS had discontinued it! We searched far and wide for an alternative. We tested a few look-alike tubes, but were not happy with them. As time went on and we couldn't find anything similar to what we had used, we determined that we had better find an alternative - and fast! 

What we ended up with is a common large balm tube. Here are a few details:

  1. The new tube is a bit taller and narrower, but the difference in the amount of product is only 0.1 oz / 3 g
  2. We have simplified the packaging and the tubes will only come with a label and shrink wrap for safety. 
  3. We are now selling them in 2-packs! Choose from 2 x Breathe Balm, 2 x Everything Balm OR one of each! 
  4. You can now purchase a Breathe Bundle: 1 Breathe Balm and 1 Breathe Blend to keep you covered and give you options during cold/flu season.
  5. NEW lower price! Only $10 for individual sticks ($1 less than previous price), $18 for 2-packs (a $2 savings when bundled), and the new Breath Bundle is $34 (a savings of $4). 


Don't worry, they may look a bit different, but they are the same amazing formulas in a great functional stick form for all the same multitude of uses! 

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