Our Favorite Apps: Health & Wellness

Our Favorite Apps: Health & Wellness

If you are anything like us mamas at Zoe Organics, the health and wellness of our families is a top priority, but it is also difficult to make time for. During one of our recent team chats, we shared the apps that made tracking our periods, working out, and staying grounded more simple, and we thought you might find them helpful too! Plus, we are really hoping you will share your favorites with us in the comments! 

Hormone & Period Tracking


Why we love: Alisa Vitti, functional nutritionist, founder of FLOliving.com and author of best-selling women’s health book, WomanCode, created this amazing period tracking and hormone balancing tool that helps women to be more in touch with their bodies’ neuro-hormonal patterns and feel better all month long. Bonus! It includes a feature that will email your partner to help him/her understand your hormonal patterns. Score! – Heather

Price: $1.99



Why we love: The design of this app is simple, easy to use, and it contains an algorithm to learn your own personal cycle lengths and give predictions (and alerts!) about upcoming cycles. Plus, it allows you to be as detailed as you want in recording temperature, fluid, energy levels, cravings and more. – Pam

Price: FREE



Why we love: Kayla Itsines has a cult following of women who are looking to get fit, but do it quickly. And by quickly, I mean two things: 1. the workouts are short, so no excuses! 2. seeing amazing results typically in 12 weeks. Here are the details: 28 minutes of resistance 3 times a week, plus 35 minutes of LISS (low intensity steady state or low intensity cardio- think walking, swimming or cycling) 3 to 4 times a week. All of the resistance workouts can be done from home using hand weights and a yoga mat. Bonus: Kayla added two more trainers to her app! Sjana Elise specializes in Body and Mind (yoga) and Kelsey Wells specializes in Post-Pregnancy (um, YES!!). Like hitting the gym instead? You can do these same workouts there or use her new gym program, Stronger, which is also in the app! This program has it all! – Lee

Price: $19.99h6a month on the app. Try it for free for 7 days here. Or, download the guides in PDF here.



Why we love: You can find and book fitness classes wherever you are! Yoga, pilates, barre, CrossFit, group classes and even hair, salon, spa or massage appointments. So, when you are traveling with your family or for work, you'll always be able to find classes near you! Yay! – Lee

Price: FREE



Why we love: This app is a lifesaver for those of us who want a class experience, on own schedule, and want to be able to choose the duration of the class. Whether you have 5 minutes or 90, this app has a class for you. Choose from a variety of world-class instructors, choose your level of experience and the area you want to focus on. Classes for women, men, pregnancy, meditation, travel... you pick! – Heather

Price: $18/month, or sign up for a 15 day trial



Why we love: The social network for athletes, especially cyclists and runners. Work out and track your progress, analyze your stats, set goals, compete and share your progress. – Heather

Price: FREE for entry level, or $7.99/month for premium with extra fun features, including your “suffer score”


Yoga Studio

Why we love: This is a build-it-yourself yoga program, where you can literally put together a personal class for yourself from a selection of ready-made smaller classes like they were building blocks. We love the flexibility of this, since not everyone is remotely on the same level in terms of experience, skill or duration ability. Plus, you can keep adding more difficult routines to keep yourself continually challenged. – Pam

Price: $2.99

Meditation & Mindfulness


Why we love: As the name suggests, this app encourages mindfulness; which leads to more joy and less stress – even better sleep! Sign up for daily meditation alerts, track meditation time and practice breathing. Our kids love the meditation stories at bedtime. – Heather

Price: FREE, or subscribe for $7.99/month to access more content



Why we love: We all should be taking 5 minutes each day to quiet our minds. Sounds easy to do, but it's not! Until we came across the Headspace app. We love this guided meditation for ourselves and even our kids! Yep, they have meditations just for kids. You can also schedule your meditation time and sync it with your calendar. Looking for me at 3 pm? I'll be closing my eyes for 5 mins getting grounded. ;) – Lee

Price: FREE, or subscribe to continue past the basic level or choose different areas of focus


Sleep Cycle

Why we love: I’ve tried a ton of sleep tracking apps, and this one stands above all the others. You can track the quality of your sleep by movement or by sound, and as an extra bonus, if you’re not happy with the ready-made smart alarm sounds to choose from, you can always choose a song from your own music library!  – Pam

Price: FREE



Why we love: This is the most simple, straightforward journaling app I have come across. No fancy bells or whistles, just good design and an easy-to-use interface. Plus you can automatically pull in your social media posts so they go in your journal as well. Love it.  – Pam

Price: FREE


AmbiSci BP

Why we love: If you’re ever experiencing a time of high stress, anxiety or insomnia, get this app and a good pair of headphones. This audio-therapy app produces binaural tones that can actually alter the brainwave pattern, and bring you into a relaxed mental state, very similar to meditation. It’s pretty amazing.  – Pam 

Price: $0.99



Why we love: This is a beautifully designed minimalist app to time your meditation, if you’re trying to build a habit or if you just don’t want to have to think about the passage of time. It has some really nice bell tones to choose from, as starting, ending or optional interval tones. And it has what I’m always looking for: easily customizable. – Pam 

Price: $5.99

Food & Recipes

Oh She Glows

Why we love: Find the best plant based recipes in one place, the Oh She Glows app. Angela shares mouth-watering recipes with absolutely stunning photos that seriously will make you drool. We love the Roasted Buddha Bowl, Mighty Matcha Wheatgrass Protein Smoothie and her Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies! -Lee

Price: $1.99



Why we love: This is my go-to recipe app for inspiration, or when I know what I want to cook but don’t have a recipe on hand. The photos are gorgeous, and you can save your favorites and easily access them later. Beware, though: you can waste hours of time getting sucked down this rabbit hole of delicious recipes if you’re not careful! – Pam

Price: FREE

Apps We Love: Health & Wellness

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