Wow! Can you believe 2017 is coming to an end? As we wind down the year, we thought it would be fun to look back at our favorite (and most loved!) blog posts of 2017.

Winter, and Why We Love Waterless Products Dental Health: Interview with Dr. Rally Varlakova, DDS Our Favorite Apps: Health & Wellness The Truth About Natural Insect Repellents 5 Ways to Use Our Insect Repellent
5 Steps to Treating Cradle Cap Naturally 4 Things to Do NOW to Make You More Healthy TODAY! ZO + Sutter Health Hospitals: Celebrating the First (Non-toxic) Bath DIY Self-Care for Postpartum Healing The best drugstore lip balms celebrity makeup artists love

  • Winter, and Why We Love Waterless Products

    Fall has transitioned to winter and my skin has been feeling that familiar dryness and sensitivity that comes with the season. We've been running the heater and pulling out the down jackets and boots, while I have also been pulling out my usual winter oils, butters and balms. Nothing says winter to me like a good face and body balm, and here at ZO HQ we are shipping them as fast as we make them to our beloved customers. So in the spirit of the season, here is my list of favorite (waterless) winter skin products, how I use them and why they are so effective. Read more.

  • Dental Health: Interview with Dr. Rally Varlakova, DDS

    It's no secret we care a whole lot about what we put on our skin around here. But there is a lot more to whole body wellness, and this week we are talking dental health. We try to stay current on the latest research and trends, but we also like to bring in the experts to weigh in. I asked my friend and dentist, Dr. Rally Varlakova, some of our burning questions and we found her answers both informative and thought provoking. Anyone else have kids who would be perfectly fine to go without brushing for weeks on end? Anyone confused about the safety of fluoride? Give this a read and share your thoughts in the comments below! Read more.

  • Our Favorite Apps: Health & Wellness

    If you are anything like us mamas at Zoe Organics, the health and wellness of our families is a top priority, but it is also difficult to make time for. During one of our recent team chats, we shared the apps that made tracking our periods, working out, and staying grounded more simple, and we thought you might find them helpful too! Plus, we are really hoping you will share your favorites with us in the comments! Read more.

  • The Truth About Natural Insect Repellents

    Not all natural insect repellents are equal. The ingredients, scent, strength and efficacy can vary greatly. I’ve used and researched a variety of natural repellents, and the results run the gamut from lovely botanical perfume oil to a mist that resulted in headache and scratchy throat for my entire family. With the rise of available natural products on the market and no shortage of DIY bug spray recipes online, it’s clear that consumers are seeking safer, natural alternatives to synthetic, conventional repellents. The question is, do natural repellents really work? If you are the least bit skeptical about dropping DEET for a botanical blend... read on! Read more.

  • 5 Ways to Use Our Insect Repellent

    Growing up, I always hated using insect repellent. Camping and outdoors were a big part of my childhood and OFF! was the go-to when the bugs were out. I can remember spraying the aerosol can of stinky, sticky film onto my skin, and that I couldn’t wait to wash it off. Thank goodness there are other options today for repelling insects! When creating our Insect Repellent, much like the other products, I wanted something that was not only effective, but that I also felt really good using. Why did insect repellent have to feel and smell gross and come in an industrial-looking can? Well, turns out it doesn't! Read more.

  • 5 Steps to Treating Cradle Cap Naturally

    Each of my three kids had cradle cap to some degree or another – two of them into the toddler years. This isn't surprising, since approximately 70% of babies get it. Cradle cap usually shows up in the first three months of life and ends by the time a child is a year old. Read more.

  • 4 Things to Do NOW to Make You More Healthy TODAY!

    (GUEST POST BY DR. SUSAN GAMBLE) As an internal medicine doctor, I see a wide variety of people with a wide variety of illnesses. Many of the diseases we suffer from in this country are lifestyle related. In fact, the CDC estimates that up to 40% of all deaths could be prevented by changes in lifestyle. What I tell my patients is very personalized to their set of symptoms and lab results but I paired down a few of my favorite things to share with the Zoe Organics folk. It doesn’t matter if you are super healthy or have an array of chronic diseases, doing these 4 things will help you now. Read more.

  • ZO + Sutter Health Hospitals: Celebrating the First (Non-toxic) Bath

    The skin of a newborn is so perfectly delicate and soft… and ah! Those cheeks and leg rolls! We can’t get enough. But did you know that the structural and functional differences between the skin of an infant and that of an adult make infant skin more susceptible to microbial and chemical invasion? You’ve probably heard that our skin is our largest organ, and that a significant percentage of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body – how much more so in the case of brand new infant skin! Read more.

  • DIY Self-Care for Postpartum Healing

    Childbirth will change your life and will, quite literally, stretch your body to limits you never would have imagined. Whether you had a quick natural labor and birth, a prolonged labor or a planned c-section, the postpartum period is exhausting, emotional and uncomfortable. While the births of my three children were some of the most precious, exhilarating hours of my life, I will also never forgot the need for self-care and healing that followed. Read more.

  • The best drugstore lip balms celebrity makeup artists love

    From the Style section: Is there anything worse than dry, cracking lips? It's painful, uncomfortable ... and not very kissable. Thank goodness for lip balm! TODAY Style reached out to celebrity beauty mavens to get the scoop on their personal favorite lip balms that are available at local drugstores. Read more.


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