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What's Next for Zoe Organics at Target?

What's Next for Zoe Organics at Target?

You may have seen there is a serious clearance going on in the prenatal/postpartum section at Target. Not only are the Zoe Organics products on clearance, but most of the other awesome brands in the assortment are being cleared as well. 

We are sad to say that the prenatal/postpartum assortment in the healthcare aisle at Target is going away. If you have gone to Target to purchase our products, you are aware of the challenges it has been to find us there! Rather than an intuitive location, such as baby or skincare, the pre/postnatal assortment has been located in the healthcare section, and shares an aisle with the women's feminine products, pregnancy tests and sexual health products. While some of the products in the assortment made sense for healthcare, the skincare products were a huge challenge, and one that ultimately led to the end of a really cool idea. 

We give huge props to Target and the team who had the vision to put an assortment together that recognized the needs of women during pregnancy and postpartum. And we don't believe it ends here! 

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