Less Waste In Our Personal Care Products

Less Waste In Our Personal Care Products

We know we have a problem with overconsumption and waste. Today “minimalism” is a buzzword and “Marie Kondo-ing” is a verb, and the awareness of the impact of our love affair with STUFF is having on the environment, our finances and our peace of mind is real. There are a multitude of choices that we make every single day that can either help or harm and some of them are really simple. No matter where you are in your process of living more consciously, all positive steps matter.

Did you know that how you choose your personal care products and consume them can have a big impact on our environment?

When developing the Zoe Organics product line, we were very intentional about making this choice easier for you. How could we cut back on so much waste created by the cosmetics and personal care products industries while also staying relevant and functional?

Our solution was to:

1. Create products that ONLY use ingredients that matter. And we mean it! Read our labels and you’ll only find raw plant oils, butters, waxes, extracts and essential oils. No fillers, preservatives or artificial anything.

2. Create small batch, concentrated blends that take up less space and only a small amount is needed. Our amazing balms and butters are super rich and concentrated. They don’t come in large bottles combined with water, emulsifiers and preservatives. (You can add a little water to the product in your hand and combine during application if you want a lighter product.)

3. Only use certified organic ingredients to eliminate as many toxins from our bodies and the environment as possible and to support the art of organic farming.

4. To use glass or aluminum containers whenever possible, to repurpose packing materials and use post-consumer content for product boxes and shipping materials.

5. Rather than launching a huge assortment of blends and scents for each person; we created a core collection that could be shared by everyone in the family; from delicate infant skin to dry mature skin and for a wide variety of uses. A foaming wash that is being used by hospitals for thousands of newborns’ first baths, but also works as the perfect shaving cream for adults or a decadent foaming hand wash. We created an oil serum with ingredients so effective, women not only use it for their stretching skin during pregnancy, but also as a facial serum. A rich shea butter Cream that soothes eczema and doubles an eye balm. Everything Balm, which has a growing list of uses…you get the idea.

          Do any of these resonate with you? We believe this is only the start to what can be done toward our mission to celebrate and protect life. We aren't alone in seeking better packaging options, better ways of sourcing ingredients or finding ways to make our products even more functional and effective for our customers. There is some great momentum toward less waste and more of what really matters, be it your personal care products or how you live your life. Cheers to all of the baby steps we make together, in honor of Earth Day and every day. 


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