10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Personal Care Products

10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Personal Care Products

Are you new to natural? Perhaps you are struggling to swap out some of your favorite conventional products because you're unsure of whether the natural alternatives will perform the same or you are concerned you'll achieve inferior results. We get it! When you find something that works, why change it? 

What if your products are compromising your health and wellbeing? Did you know that a percentage of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream or lymphatic system? Even small amounts of chemicals considered "safe" by the FDA may increase your risk of cancer when combined. And toxins in a pregnant woman's body do pass through umbilical chord blood to a developing fetus. Particularly vulnerable are children with thinner, more permeable skin and developing brains and bodies. 

Fortunately, going natural is only getting easier. The natural products industry is growing exponentially as consumers demand better, safer options. Hooray! But it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So whether you are just getting your feet wet or are ready to jump in, we applaud your curiosity and we are here for you. Take a look at the tips below for making the transition to natural skincare products: 

1. Understand your Total Toxic Load. This refers to the total amount of toxins that accumulate in your body from a variety of sources; pollutants we breathe, eat and drink or absorb through personal care and household products. Focusing on both eliminating exposure to toxins and supporting your body in eliminating toxins through your skin, kidneys colon and liver can decrease your toxic load and chances of disease. 

2. Start slowly and don't overwhelm yourself. Baby steps lead to major changes in time. Just start with one thing and build on to that. Have fun discovering new ingredients and educating yourself. Remember why you are making the changes. 

3. Make the easiest swaps first. No need to tackle the most difficult products right away. Start with something easy. All change is positive change! 

4. Focus on the products that make the most impact. We like to start with body care because it covers the most surface area of the body. Find a clean soap bar or foaming bath wash and a yummy aromatherapy body oil that lifts your spirits. 

5. Expect yourself to go through a detox period - especially with products like deodorant. You might find that some products aren't working the way you thought they would. However, if you give your body time to adjust, you can expect most natural products to work just as well, if not even better!

6. Expect trial and error until you find what works for your unique body chemistry. What works for your best friend, just may not work for you. The gentle cream formulation may give your baby a rash. Similar to food, our bodies respond differently to ingredients - even seemingly beneficial ones. Read ingredients lists and begin to learn what works for you and what to avoid. This is another reason for starting out slowly. It is easier to pinpoint what is working and what isn't when you haven't suddenly switched up your entire regimen. 

7. There are products for any budget. Natural products are for everyone. Just like conventional beauty, prices range from budget friendly drug-store brands, to premium priced luxury brands. Big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target have jumped on the natural bandwagon and carry great reasonably priced options for children and adults.

8. Focus on quality, not quantity or volume. I know it looks suspicious when your 8oz bottle of lotion costs less than the 2oz jar of natural goodness. But don't be fooled! Natural products that are concentrated can last just as long as their watered-down conventional alternatives. Understanding how to correctly use and apply them is important to making them effective and extend the life of the product. Concentrated formulas only require a very small amount to be effective!  

9. Find brands you can trust. Try to support small brands who work closely with their suppliers and offer valuable education to their communities. Not everyone in the natural products space is in it for the right reasons. Stick with brands who practice transparency and trust your gut.  

10. Join a community! One of the best ways to learn is to join a community of others who are on a similar journey and want to share and encourage one another. Some of the best recommendations come from those who are only a step ahead in their journey and are happy to pay it forward. 

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