Zoe Organics X Nurtured 9

Zoe Organics X Nurtured 9

It doesn’t need to be a holiday (although winter festivities will be here before we know it!) to let a special Mom-to-be know you’re thinking of her. During these unique times, Moms-to-be are enduring more stress than ever and since we can’t necessarily be there to care for them in person these days, it’s important that we encourage them to make time for self-care. 

We started Nurtured 9 in hopes of helping expectant Mamas enjoy their pregnancy journey by doing the stressful legwork of ingredient research, safety & efficacy for them. While everyone is focused on baby, we wanted to focus on Mom! 

As a resource for feel good pregnancy tips, researching and reporting our favorite pregnancy products on our blog, we found—and fell in love with—the Zoe Organics Belly Butter. 

Zoe Organics Belly Butter

It’s no wonder that it is now our bestseller in our shop!

- Nurtured 9

The online shop at Nurtured 9 is filled with luxury pregnancy essentials and gift boxes that are meant to comfort & pamper mom-to-be, while targeting common pregnancy stressors. We carefully select everything we put into the Nurtured 9 shop, making sure it’s natural, non-toxic, and pregnancy safe, while also high-quality, luxurious & effective. 

We are all about elevating the simple moments in Mama’s day, like nurturing that precious bump with Zoe Organics Belly Butter; an intimate ritual for Mama to connect to baby. And so, Zoe Organics Belly Butter is a staple in several of Nurtured 9’s Signature Bundles, which take the guesswork out of gifting your special expectant loved one. The Feel Good Pregnancy Gift Box and The Pampered Pregnancy Gift Box are among a handful of our bestselling bundles that make a relaxing ritual with the Zoe Organics Belly Butter.

The Feel Good Pregnancy Gift Box The Pampered Pregnancy Gift Box


You can also find endless ways to support and show Mom-to-be some much needed love with Nurtured 9’s curate your own option…and don’t forget to add the Belly Butter!

Nurtured 9 

Each gift is beautifully bundled by hand once you place your order with handwritten notes so you can include your own personal touch. 

Our goal at Nurtured 9 is to spread love to expectant Moms and remind them that their happiness is a priority. So, take a moment to tell a special Mom-to-be in your life “This is JUST FOR YOU, MAMA”. 

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