Bath Bomb: Breathe


Finally! TRULY natural bath bombs have arrived! Bath Bombs are fun and restorative for all ages, but it's really difficult to find those that check off all the boxes. Most use some form of artificial fragrance and color, as well as a variety of other questionable ingredients that we can't pronounce. These ingredients can irritate sensitive skin and noses, and aren't very kind to the planet. 

So, we got to work making a gentle, all-natural bath bomb base and then we upped the ante. We replaced the artificial fragrance and color with certified organic essential oils, superfood extracts and dyes made from spices and vegetables. The result is a super-fizzy bath bomb, that foams with natural colors and makes your bathroom smell like the spa. 

Created with oils to bring comfort while feeling under the weather, or when you need a gentle reminder to stop and catch your breath. The oils in our Breathe Bath Bomb are similar to our popular Breathe Balm and Breathe Blend, and feature eucalyptus, lavender and grapefruit. 

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salt, kaolin clay, cocoa butter,* coconut oil,* lecithin (sunflower),* essential oil,* natural color, 


† Derived from superfood plant extracts

Each ball fizzes for approximately 2 minutes. 


Drop Bath Bomb into bath water and watch it fizz and foam. Enjoy the natural colors and aromatherapeutic benefits. Use caution - natural oils can cause the tub to be slippery. Never leave a child unattended in the bath.