Copy of Our Story

Heather Hamilton, Founder of Zoe Organics

In 2009, Suzanne Hamilton – my dear sister-in-law, mentor, fellow entrepreneur, and friend – passed away, leaving behind a beautiful legacy and her precious three-month-old daughter, Zoe Anne. I had been working on an organic skincare product line for months, and had been having discussions with Suzanne about the need we saw as mamas for a truly natural, organic line that combined luxury and wellness with social responsibility. Most product lines we had come across failed in at least one of these areas.

Truth be told, I had picked out another name for this product line, but was never content with it. One day after Suzanne’s death, during some quiet time, the name “Zoe Organics” dropped into my heart, and I just knew it was right. As I continued to reflect on that name, I was amazed at how it captured the entire essence of the company I wanted to build. Zoe means “life,” and even more specifically, “life as God intended.” Suzanne knew how to celebrate and live life better than anyone I had ever known. It was contagious. How fitting that her own daughter was given the name “Zoe,” a part of Suzanne that will keep on living.

Suzanne spent the last months of her own life fully dedicated to her sweet baby girl. In that same spirit, Zoe Organics seeks to celebrate and cultivate life, and in doing so, honor mamas and babies everywhere.

Why Organic?

As the wife of my high-school sweetheart and the mother of three, my first priority is the health and well-being of my family. I began making skincare products in my kitchen after my second baby was born. There were just too many toxic or unnecessary ingredients in the personal care products on the market, and not enough of the good stuff!

My education in health and wellness actually began at an early age. As a child, I suffered from allergy-induced asthma and was on a restricted diet, regular medication, supplements and allergy injections. I will never forget the severe asthma attack I had from a children’s bubble bath product. Through the years, I outgrew my asthma and today I attribute my conscious lifestyle choices to feeling better and stronger than ever.

As a creator and innovator, I am all too familiar with the inspiration that comes in the wee hours of the morning (usually after one of my kids wakes me up)! Running a business and a thriving household is not an easy job, but I recognize that Zoe Organics was birthed out of my desire to combine the things I continue to be passionate about, and do the work I love.

– Heather Hamilton, founder