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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! International orders are shipped via USPS 1st Class International, if under 4 lbs., and Priority International for orders over 4 lbs. Please send us an email if you have questions, or would prefer an order be shipped via Priority Mail International. Please note: once the package leaves the United States, we are unable to track it. Delivery time varies from 1-4 weeks.

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If you select USPS Priority Mail, you will receive a tracking number once your order has been processed. USPS 1st Class packages cannot be tracked.
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Refer to your tracking number in the order confirmation email. If the tracking information doesn’t help, send us an email and provide your order number so we can look into it for you.
We pack each order with care, and do our best to ensure nothing breaks during shipping – but sometimes things happen. Please retain all packaging and damaged items. Snap a picture and send it along with your order number in an email.
Our fillfillment warehouse processes orders as quickly as possible, and once an order is in the system it is difficult to cancel or change. Often, orders are processed and shipped within hours of being placed.
If you want to return unopened products, have an error in your order, or your products were damaged during shipment, please send us an email and we’ll help you out. If the product was damaged during shipment, please take a photo to send along with your email.

Please note: if you do decide to return your unopened and undamaged product, you are responsible for the shipping charges.
We get it – not everyone will love every product, even if we do. That’s why we offer sample sizes of most of our products, so you’re able to try something out for a fraction of the cost. We highly recommend getting a sample size of a product if you’re new to our brand, or especially if you’re new to natural skincare in general. Our biggest goal is for you to be happy, though, so if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your product, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.
We do not send free samples, but we have generous trial size samples of our products available for purchase in our online shop. You can select the sample size in the drop down menu directly on the individual product pages.
We launched Zoe Organics in 2010 with a collection of baby and pregnancy products, and through the years we have added products to the line that fit our growing family and active lifestyle. We take a minimalist approach by making products that are multi-functional, multi-purpose and are safe for all ages and skin types. Those with sensitive skin or allergies particularly benefit from our formulations. We are always working on new formulations, and look for feedback on products you’d love to see us add to our line!
Zoe Organics uses only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in our formulations. We do not use chemical preservatives. Most of our products are made exclusively with naturally stable oils and butters that have a shelf life of a year or longer.

We recommend that you use our products within 12 months of purchase to ensure that your products are fresh, and that the herbs and essential oils are most effective. We use 12 months as a general guideline; however, use your best judgement. If the product takes on an unusual odor or appearance, discontinue use.

You can maximize the shelf life of your product by following a few tips. Avoid contamination – always use clean, dry hands or a small spoon, especially when touching product in an open container. And always keep products in a cool, dry place, out of heat and direct sunlight.
Our Body Wash is a liquid castile soap, which contains approximately 80% organic content. Soap contains an alkali as saponifying agent (in this case, potassium hydroxide). A reaction occurs between the oils and the potassium hydroxide resulting in a new substance - liquid soap. Even though none of the potassium hydroxide remains, the organic content of the final product is 80%.

Another ingredient that cannot be classified as organic is epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), which is a naturally-occurring mineral; this is the main ingredient in our Mama's Ritual Bath Soak.
These two products have completely different ingredients and consistency, even though many of their uses can be the same. Everything Balm is a solid balm stick and works better for small areas, including lips and faces, and has a bit more staying power because of its firmer consistency. Dr. Shannon’s Skin Balm is a soft, creamy balm that can also be applied to your whole body, and it includes herbal infusions and nutrient-dense oils like avocado, pumpkin seed and rosehip seed for extra moisturizing and healing power.
Absolutely! Particularly in cool, dry months when skin needs extra moisture and protection. We regularly use it as a night day or night cream and around the eyes as well. Start with a very small amount, make sure you warm it between your hands, and gently apply to face, adding more product as necessary.
Zoe Organics Belly Oil and Belly Butter were created to each serve specific and unique purposes. Both are made up entirely of certified organic ingredients and are waterless, which translates into incredibly concentrated, toxin-free skin care, chock full of beneficial nutrients for your stretching skin. We recommend applying these products from the breasts down to the hips.

So what IS the main difference between the Belly Oil and Belly Butter? For starters, they are made up of very different ingredients and are in different forms. The Belly Oil is an oil serum, packed with omegas that help maintain skin's strength and elasticity as it stretches. This oil is lighter than the Belly Butter and it penetrates deeper. Made with virgin grapeseed, rosehip seed, pumpkin seed and tamanu oils, it fights stretch marks during pregnancy, and helps to reduce redness and inflammation postpartum, if they do appear, which is common in those final stretches of pregnancy.

For more information, feel free to read our blog post on this subject.
Our Bath Wash is highly concentrated, made with organic, unprocessed high-quality ingredients, and when the temperature drops to about 50 degrees F, fatty acids can begin to appear cloudy. If this happens, do not be alarmed, it’s still good! Either put the bottle in a warm room, or submerge the closed container in warm water, until the normal appearance is restored. Regardless of whether it’s clear or cloudy, though, it works just the same.
Yes! Our Diaper Balm does not contain ingredients that may clog the fibers of your cloth diapers, causing them to repel (or not absorb) moisture. Our balm will rinse out cleanly under normal washing conditions.
The concentration of essential oils in the formula is less than 2.5% and generally safe for daily use. We recommend seeking advice from your physician if your child is under six months of age, and we always recommend doing a patch skin test before full use on children or individuals with sensitive skin. Not for use by children without adult supervision.
Our Insect Repellent is effective at repelling mosquitoes and a variety of bugs and insects. Though research supports many of the essential oils in our Insect Repellent are helpful in repelling ticks, the risks associated with Lyme disease are serious, and we do not recommend relying on this alone to keep you or your pet tick-free.
Yes, the Mama’s Ritual Aroma Oil is considered safe to use during pregnancy according to its intended use.
Dr. Michael Shannon is a beloved pediatrician and friend in Orange County, CA with Harvest Pediatrics, and he was the pediatrician for Heather’s two boys from birth. Dr. Shannon and Heather developed Dr. Shannon’s Skin Balm so that Dr. Shannon could have a pure, organic product to offer to his patients that would work on anything from dry skin, diaper rash prevention, or a way to moisturize and reduce the appearance of scar tissue.
No, your balm is perfectly safe and uncompromised! These balm sticks have a significant amount of organic shea butter in them, which is a tropical butter, and the “grainy” texture is a result of crystals forming in the butter. Temperature changes throughout the day and night (slowly warming and cooling) can cause these crystals to form in the butter. Warmer temperatures, or simply the heat of your skin, will cause the balm to smooth out again.

Here is a quick fix for making your balm smooth again, or for fixing a tube of balm that gets stuck in the cap. This simple little step-by-step solution will make it good as new:
  • Fill a cup with very hot, but not boiling, water.
  • Place balm tube cap down in cup of hot water for approximately 5 minutes.
  • Remove from water, dry and gently shake tube.
  • Place upright in refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  • Remove cap and enjoy!
Our Cream has a shea butter base that is rich and creamy, and it penetrates the skin while leaving a light protective barrier. The Skin Balm has a lot of vitamin-rich oils, and it is blended with beeswax which provides a heavier barrier on the skin. While both are intensely moisturizing, Skin Balm is a heavier product and will have more staying power. They both have amazingly effective ingredients, and could both work for similar things, but they act differently.
We are continually striving to improve our sustainability practices. Here are some of the things we do in our manufacturing process.

We source our raw ingredients from companies with proven sustainable farming techniques. Almost all of our ingredients are
  • From renewable resources (plants)
  • Processed using environmentally responsible methods
  • Non-GMO, non-solvent extracted, not irradiated
  • Mostly certified organic, and all non-GMO
  • Traceable back to the manufacturer and often the grower*

*In the interest of complete disclosure, when processors buy from pools of farmers – as with the making of many of the oils – the pool is large and there may be hundreds of farmers involved. We cannot provide this grower information, but it is always verified by a third party certifier.

Consumer packaging contributes to an overwhelming percentage of waste. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching the best options given our resources. Here are some of the eco-conscious choices we have made with regard to our packaging:
  • Recyclable glass and plastic
  • Our outer boxes are made from 100% post-consumer waste
  • Refill containers
  • Biodegradable vegetable cellulose bags
  • Unbleached muslin fabric
  • No unnecessary extra packaging

In addition, we use biodegrade and recycled shipping materials. We are big advocates of reusing whenever possible. If something still has life left in it, why not use it again before it goes to the recycle bin?
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Many of our products are USDA certified organic, with more coming soon! For more information, see the specific product pages.

We have gone through the process of carefully selecting the highest-quality ingredients from our suppliers, and in fact we have copies of organic certification for every one of the ingredients used in our products. We are in the process of obtaining USDA organic certification for each of our products and hope to have them all completed soon.
We are all about transparency, and every once in awhile we get a question here about our prices.
  • Most of our products are 100% organic – meaning, they contain ONLY certified organic ingredients. Better for our bodies, better for the environment. And organic ingredients aren’t cheap! Remember that organic apple you bought at the grocery store that was approximately double the price of the conventional one? Same with our organic ingredients. We don’t charge more because we want better margins. We have to charge more because we pay that much more and we’d go out of business if we didn’t.
  • The smaller containers – that’s because these babies are concentrated. No water, fillers, preservatives, synthetics… ONLY the good stuff. That means, you don’t need a 16 oz jug of conventional lotion that contains 50% water, to get you through the month. Our 2 oz Cream will do the trick and you can add water for free when applying our Cream, if you’d like.
  • Our products WORK. I can’t count how many of our dear customers have shared that they walked away from their Rx creams or heaps of other products when they discovered Zoe Organics – because they finally found the results and relief they were looking for. Last time I checked, prescriptions weren’t exactly cheap (or pleasant) either.
  • Everything you ingest, inhale or put on your skin matters. When a woman is pregnant, the products she uses enter her bloodstream come into contact with her growing fetus. There are just too many devastating facts about how toxins affect a developing fetus or child to ignore the need for safe personal care products.
  • We are a small business and we work incredibly hard to provide our conscientious customers with our products – and it's an honor to do so.
We have sunscreen on the top of our product development list! In the meantime, send us an email and we can give some recommendations of some great non-toxic sunscreens for you and your family.
All of our products are formulated using only natural and organic raw botanicals. Since they are anhydrous formulas (they don’t contain water), they do not require conventional preservatives. We use natural antioxidants, such as rosemary extract, to help maintain freshness and delay oxidation.
Never never never. (They are, however, thoroughly tested on our own kids.) :)
Everything is vegan except for our balms and candles (which contain organic beeswax).
Our organic beeswax is sourced from beekeepers who use natural beekeeping methods, which are sustainable and kind to the bees. The bees are free to choose the kind of comb they want to build, and to forage as they want in their chosen surroundings; they are allowed to live in a symbiotic relationship with humans. The wax is hand harvested by the beekeepers themselves, in areas where industry and commercial farming do not take place. In many cases, beekeeping is their livelihood. We value supporting benevolent beekeepers who abstain from pesticide use, and who treat the bees with respect and kindness.
Our formulas were created for delicate and sensitive skin, using only the purest organic ingredients. We have taken care when choosing ingredients to consider nut allergies and other sensitivities. However, everyone’s skin is different, and it isn’t possible to guard against all possible allergens. For this reason, we recommend reading the ingredients label and patch testing a new product before full use.
We started in 2010 making products from our kitchen, but the demand for our creations became more than our very small team could handle. We now work with some small USDA certified manufacturers in the U.S. that produce our own formulas. We appreciate their ability to maintain consistency and efficiency as well as high regulatory and safety standards.