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$7 flat rate shipping + FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100+


I LOVE your products. The Bath Tea, Baby Balm, Baby Oil were my favorites to use after returning from the hospital. My skin felt amazing after using the Bath Tea and baby felt so smooth also. It was so generous of your company to have given us such a wonderful assortment of products for the baby. I can't thank you enough.

- Cheryl Moana Marie

As the mother of babies afflicted with eczema, I worry about how products will affect their delicate skin. I found Zoe Organics to be wonderful not only for them, but for me. The Gentle Hair and Body Wash is my favorite product as it is incredibly light, yet effective and doesn't dry out my sensitive hands when giving them a bath. We love Zoe Organics in our house!

- Trista Sutter

I am LOVING the Love My Belly Butter.. I've only been using it for 2 or 3 days now and can already tell a remarkable difference. The stretch marks on my belly were so course and rough and dark, and already it is feeling smooth again and slowly lightening up. I'm excited to continue using the butter to see how the healing progresses.

- Sam, Texas

We had been using another product for 7 years until 2 weeks ago when our pediatrician said to stop and go order your Extreme Cream. It is amazing and we absolutely love it. Our son, Ty (2 years), has “extremely” dry skin and your cream was like a magical potion for him. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

- Keanne, Laguna Niguel

Zoe Organics has been a real answer to my need for TRULY organic baby products! It's a relief to know that I don't have to worry about any chemical by-products. They have been gentle on my baby's skin, while making him smell absolutely delicious. One of my favorite products is the Organic Baby Balm. This all-purpose balm is great for my lips, baby's skin and even cuts and scrapes. You can't go wrong with Zoe Organics!

- Sierra, Laguna Beach

I am a new mommy of a 3 month-old baby, Ella. When I found out about Zoe Organics, I was ecstatic! While I was pregnant, I asked myself that if a baby product contained ingredients that weren't safe to ingest, why would I use it on my baby? I quickly learned that most baby products out there consisted of nothing but toxic chemicals and ingredients that weren't safe. After using Zoe Organics' products, I've become so passionateabout only using natural, organic baby products that I can't stop telling other mommies about them!I love all of the products and I love that I have a success story for each product I've used! It's amazing how the body responds when you give it natural, organic products that are healthy for the skin. I am so thankful for Zoe Organics and the gift it has given to me and Ella!

- Liz, Laguna Niguel

I love Zoe Organics Baby Balm! I love that all the products are organic and natural; therefore perfect for my babies! The added bonus is that they smell wonderful! I have been using the Baby Balm on my newborn's face for his baby acne and it has helped clear it up. I've also been using it on my daughter's (2 years old) legs. She has dry, rashy skin that I've tried so hard to clear up. Lotion hasn't worked. I've been putting on the Baby Balm and it is better than it's been in months! And she wants to do it herself so the easy 'stick applicator' makes it very easy for her to do so!You have to try these awesome products!

- Katie, Laguna Beach

I love the texture and the scent of the products! The Baby Balm is one of my favorites. I have used it for chapped skin on not only my children but on me as well. It does not sting when you put it on cracked skin; I have used it for a chapped nose and it soothes immediately with no stinging whatsoever. I also love the baby massage oil. I swear, it makes my toddler sleep better at night - plus her skin is so soft and yummy smelling after putting it on her!The best thing about these products is that my mind is at ease knowing they are all organic and natural. I don't have to wonder what I am putting on my child's skin.

- Rebekah, Nashville

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these products. I am a working mom of a sweet 6 month old baby boy named Styles. Going back to work has been the hardest thing I have ever done. My husband is a stay at home dad, so I am so lucky knowing that Styles is in great hands, even if they aren't always mine. Bath time is my most cherished part of the day. It is my special time with Styles when we really get to reconnect after being apart all day. Zoe Organics is a BIG part of that time. I have been searching for truly organic products to use on baby Styles and Zoe Organics products are just amazing. We use all the products so I don't even know where to start. The Gentle Hair and Body Wash is our staple. I love the way it smells and the foaming pump works great to get him all lathered up and clean. Once a week I treat him to a special bath with the Bath Tea. The muslin bag is so soft for cleansing his sensitive skin, and it leaves him feeling soft, smooth and smelling great.When bath time is over Styles loves getting a massage with the Baby Massage Oil. It smells wonderful and really relaxes him so he can easily drift off into dreamland...We are truly blessed to have these amazing products and I know that I NEVER have to worry about the ingredients that I am using on his precious skin!

- Sheree, Ladera Ranch

I just wanted to tell you how great your Extreme Cream is. My one-year old son's eczema was so, so terrible. He has had extremely sensitive skin since he was born (my gift to him, unfortunately), and I have tried so many lotions and creams--organic and not--to clear up the problem.At several points in the past year, we even had to go to the doctor because his legs would crack and bleed, and then get infected. I knew, from these same doctor's appointments, that strong hydrocortisone cream applied three times a day would eventually clear up his skin, but I hated putting that stuff on his skin, knowing his tiny body was absorbing it.I have been trying out different lotions and creams pretty regularly these past few months. When I saw that you were coming out with an "extreme cream," I knew I had to try it.I'm so glad I did. I have been liberally applying the cream to my son's legs three times a day. It took using about half of the 2 oz. jar for me to see significant improvement, and, now that I am nearly done with the jar, my son's legs are almost totally healed. So thank you for making a product that has helped us so much. I feel relieved that we have FINALLY found something that works, and you can bet that I will be telling my friends and family about it. 

- Lorilin, Chicago