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Display + Marketing Materials


The way our products are displayed is very important to us. Zoe Organics is a premium brand and your product display should accurately reflect this image. Please let us know if you would like suggestions or examples for displaying our products.

We currently offer display signs for each of our product lines and can discuss custom sizes if your space requires a different size than our standard 14x11 signs. Our 14x11 signs are matte finish, mounted on white board and have optional easel backing. We are designing other display materials as well, and if you have an idea for something that would be ideal for your space, please let us know. We are always open to requests!

Download Zoe Organics Displays [PDF]

*Display signs are complimentary with initial orders of $300 or more. For smaller initial orders, signs can be purchased for a small fee. Please contact us for details.

*Reprinting of any of our marketing materials is prohibited without our prior consent.


Our current brochure is styled more like a “menu” on beautiful cardstock. Because they are expensive to print and were designed to be used at our high-profile events, we cannot offer them in bulk. However, we will have a newly designed color brochure available in July! This brochure will be color and match the quality aesthetic of our brand. Complimentary brochures will be available on a sliding scale proportionate to order amounts. In the meantime, if you would like some of our current brochures, we can offer them to you in smaller quantities proportionate to your orders.

Download Zoe Organics Brochure [PDF]

*Reprinting of any of our marketing materials is prohibited without our prior consent.