10th Anniversary Bath Bomb

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Help us celebrate 10 years in business with some fizzy, bubbly, bath time fun! This limited edition bath bomb elevates bath time with good-for-you ingredients. 

We stayed true to our promise, using only high quality organic and natural ingredients, including the scent and colors. 

While most bath bombs include artificial fragrance and colors, we scented and colored ours with 100% organic essential oils and superfood extracts. 

Aqua Blue: 100% Organic Spirulina

Green: 100% Organic Premium Midori Jade Matcha

Sparkles: 100% Organic Amber Passion Fruit Flakes

Our essential oils blend is bright and fresh with lemongrass, fresh ginger and a touch of lavender. 

This is a large, 7 oz. ball that fizzes for approximately 3 minutes. 


Drop into bath water and watch it fizz and foam with fun swirling colors.