Eczema Bundle

Eczema Bundle

Eczema can be one of the most frustrating skin conditions, that unfortunately affects a significant number of children and adults. While our products have all been formulated with sensitivities in mind, there are a few that really stand out as heroes to our customers with eczema. Because we often get asked the question, "which products are best for eczema?", we put together our best solutions for soothing and protecting compromised skin. Our Eczema Bundle includes a product for soaking and cleansing, a deep conditioning treatment, and a spot treatment:

Baby Bath Tea (5 tea bags in a glass jar)

Soap isn’t your only option for baby’s bath time! Sometimes, you need something a little more gentle. Our Baby Bath Tea is the perfect alternative to soap. It’s a unique product that uses the natural cleansing and soothing properties of organic oats; calming lavender, chamomile and calendula flowers; and luxuriously moisturizing cocoa butter. Together these ingredients work as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce redness and inflammation associated with diaper rash, sunburn, eczema or allergens. Even gentle soaps can be too drying and sting irritated and inflamed skin, resulting in more discomfort or even tears. Simply draw a warm bath, drop in one of these hand filled muslin sachets, and let the soothing, herbal blend work its magic. This product is gentle enough for newborns, and recommended for every body with sensitive or compromised skin that needs some TLC. 

Cream (2 oz)
An intensely nourishing and conditioning skin treatment; this ultra-rich cream is packed with vitamins and botanicals to moisturize, restore and protect skin of all ages. Unlike lotion, this product contains no water, fillers or chemical preservatives – a little goes a long way! No fragrance or essential oils were added to avoid irritating sensitive noses or skin.

Everything Balm (0.5 oz)
A truly versatile balm, utilizing the natural moisturizing and restorative properties of shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Works well on faces and for scrapes, burns, rashes, insect bites, and as a barrier from wind and moisture.

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