Natural Bug Sprays That Really Work

Natural Bug Sprays That Really Work

From B3 Magazine, who lists our Insect Repellent as a favorite:

Environmental Protection Agency reports that it’s safe for topical use when applied correctly), the formula is slightly toxic to fish and birds, and the chemical’s been found in wastewater across the United States. Then there’s the fact that our skin, the body’s largest organ, can absorb harsh chemicals, such as DEET, that come into contact with its surface. Another thing? DEET is a solvent, which means it can melt plastic. No, thank you.

Luckily, perhaps thanks to the rising awareness about the chemical’s interaction with our bodies and the environment, a slew of natural bug repellents—that are safe and totally effective—have hit the market over the past few years. These formulas typically reply on essential oils, such as citronella, rosemary, cedar or peppermint, mixed with another oil, such as soybean or castor, and water. Different essential oils repel different types of bugs, so the best formulas contain a least a few, if not a handful of these ingredients.


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Barre 3 Magazine: Natural Bug Sprays That Really Work



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