Our Products

It is beautiful when you discover a product that hits all of the points that matter to you; it is even better when it exceeds your expectations. When creating each individual product, we have criteria on which we will not compromise. Yes, we are committed to stunning packaging (we love minimalism and playful patterns!), delicious, subtle scents (our research and development studio is our happy place) and remarkable effectiveness (they work!).

But we really get a thrill out of the fact that each product is highly multi-functional, with so many uses – we couldn’t count them if we tried. Have you ever loved an insect repellent so much you wore it as a daily moisturizer? And did you know our Everything Balm works for, well… just about everything!

To help with the organization of our collection, we've created a set of general categories that each of our products fall into. But hey, don’t be afraid to find your own uses! And feel free to share!


Safe for all ages and skin types; functional products that multi-task and provide a simpler routine. Designed to be effective and used by everyone.


Caring for baby's skin should be simple, pure and gentle. Our formulas provide a safe and effective way to cleanse, moisturize and protect.


Pregnancy is a miraculous, life-changing season in a woman’s life; our products provide comfort and peace of mind throughout pregnancy and into motherhood.


Every woman needs a special ritual to help relieve stress and nurture her wellbeing. Our Mama’s Ritual collection features products that provide this.


Many of our products are sized to be easily thrown into a bag to take while you're out, or even taken on an airplane. The perfect size when you're on the go!


A beautiful collection of products to inspire affection, awaken arousal, and promote inner peace and confidence. Indulge in romance!   [COMING SOON]