From Eluxe Magazine:

One of the first most precious moments you spend with your newborn is giving your little one their first bath.  We take pictures, we cuddle and wrap them in cute towels, but do we ever think about what’s in the shampoo and body wash that we will be using on them?  Truth is, many ‘tear free’ soaps contain chemical numbing agents and other toxic ingredients.  Here are a few healthy picks that will gently cleanse and hydrate your precious newborn’s delicate skin without the use of any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances:

The perfect alternative to soap, this Baby Bath Tea is a unique product that uses the natural cleansing and soothing properties of organic oats and flowers, plus cocoa butter as a luxurious moisturizer. Together these ingredients work as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce redness and inflammation associated with diaper rash, sunburn, eczema or allergens. Gentle enough for newborns, and beneficial for sensitive or compromised skin.

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Eluxe Magazine: Pretty Baby! The Best Organics Skincare for Babies