a new addition to zoe organics

My name is Pam, and I'd like to introduce myself. I'm going to be working on the design aspects of Zoe Organics, from the logo, colors and design of the labels, to the package design, and the overall look and feel of this lovely company – and I'll be researching into the best ways to go about printing and producing everything in the most sustainable way possible. Sustainability is such a strong value that Heather and I hold in our daily lives, and it only makes sense to have a company that we're a part of be sustainable as well. In fact, we have so much in common, Heather and I, that I was thrilled when she asked me to be a part of the fledgling Zoe Organics. I had to jump at the chance.

My background isn't in package design, however; I'm a print designer, and though I've always had a fascination with and respect for package design, that's a whole new ocean that I haven't had the opportunity to dive into yet. So this is a new thing for me, and yes, I am a slow learner when I want to do something right. So I'm off on a journey of discovering the best (most sustainable, cost-efficient, gorgeous, cost-efficient!) ways of packaging our new products, and hopefully this blog will be a way for me to share some of my research and experiences along the way.

And now that my toes are wet, I can say yes, I'm in! Here we go.

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