Episode 5: Interview with Victoria Fantauzzi of La Bella Figura

Episode 5: Interview with Victoria Fantauzzi of La Bella Figura

This week on the podcast, Heather talks with Victoria from La Bella Figura about what it was like building brands before green beauty was a thing. You’ll hear what inspired Victoria and her business partner, Karen, to create "A Night for Green Beauty,” the event that brought us green beauty brands together, and how critical education was to furthering our case. We also talk about challenges and how they contribute to success. When you believe in something and don’t give up, really amazing things can happen.

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La Bella Figura

A Night for Green Beauty

Victoria FantauzziVictoria Fantauzzi is co-founder and CEO of La Bella Figura Beauty based in Chicago, Illinois. Victoria has a background as an educator and working with children with special needs. Some of her interests include art, science, cooking, traveling and astronomy. When Victoria isn’t working in her Chicago based beauty lab she is most likely on a treasure hunt for exceptional ingredients or seeking a new city, town or adventure to explore. Victoria dreams of driving along the California coast in a silver bullet Airstream hiking through Redwoods during the day and counting stars at night with her little white-haired dog, Finn when she has time to become a dog mom.

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