Zoe Organics Whole Body 30 Day Challenge

Alright, friends! Spring is almost here…11 days to be exact! And we are getting motivated. I mean, seriously, the thought of a bikini sounds frightening. There are so many "diets" out there and to me, that means losing the weight and then gaining it right back. I am so OVER that. So, Heather and I are on a mission to just get healthy….more raw veggies, fresh juices and smoothies, and lots of exercise. Who wants to join us?

We will be using the hashtag #ZOWholeBody30 on Instagram and will be posting our favorite meals, juices, smoothies and keeping track of our exercise too. With the help of a few of our favorite Instagrammers, Eating_Whole, SometimesSweaty and JennasKitchen, we have found some amazing recipes and the motivation to get moving. I love how these awesome ladies get their families involved, too. Not only do we want to be healthy women, but also be role models for our little ones. So, get them drinking those smoothies and break out that stroller and take them on a run too! No excuses, ladies! So who's in?!

Oh, and one last thing! In the coming months, Heather and I will also be reviewing some fantastic wellness and recipe books, starting with Jolene Hart's, Eat Pretty. So check back here for our thoughts and stay up-to-date on Instagram! Follow me leewassem and Heather zoeorganics.



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