toxic chemicals in utero

The mission at Zoe Organics is to celebrate and protect the lives of our children, mothers, community and planet… we believe in the necessity of eliminating toxins from our bodies and the environment.

In order for change to take place, we need to be made aware, and then educate ourselves on the realities and the ways we can make positive changes. With that said, Zoe Organics will begin posting articles and information that we believe you will find helpful in your quest for green living.


This first post is a review of a recent presentation by the Environmental Working Group, which provides some very disturbing facts concerning the number of chemicals found in the cord blood of ten newborns in America.

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To summarize their findings:

One blood sample was taken from the cord blood of 10 newborns across the country. These blood samples were tested for 413 toxic chemicals. They found 287 of those chemicals among these samples; averaging 200 per sample.

Among these chemicals were industrial chemicals and pesticides banned 30+ years ago, consumer product ingredients and waste byproducts.

Exposure to these chemical toxins was ALL IN UTERO! This is the most vulnerable stage of life, where we want to do everything we can to protect them from these toxins. Now we know that we aren’t. Pollution begins in the womb.

Of the chemicals tested, 134 are associated with cancer, 151 associated with birth defects, 154 associated with hormone disruption, 186 associated with infertility, 130 associated with immune system toxicity and 158 were neurotoxins.

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 is long overdue for revision. For more regarding the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act, take a look at the fact sheet below or go to their website.

download PDF factsheet

The information in this study brought tears to my eyes. I am working on the line of pregnancy products, and this information further confirmed my belief in the necessity of not only providing babies with pure skin care products, but also their pregnant mommies.

Pollution begins in the womb.

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