a new year

a new yearAs we enter a new year, I can’t help but feel excitement and anticipation about the possibilities this new year may bring. The past few months were filled with holiday hustle and bustle, but January brings new focus and energy toward getting Zoe Organics ready for our official product launch! We have had some wonderful feedback from our community of product testers. In fact, the response was so great that we are planning to have our products available for purchase in February! There will be some exciting posts in the coming weeks, including the reveal of our logo and packaging! Make sure to check our blog often!


This year, although I did not make an official list of resolutions, I am continuing on my journey to simplify my life. The further I delve into a “green” lifestyle, I am amazed at how many opportunities I have each day to live a more healthy, sustainable life. I guess you could say my new year’s resolution is more of a daily commitment.

We want to thank our growing Zoe Organics community for the many ways you contribute to the value of the company.  Let’s welcome this new year and embrace life as the precious gift that it is!

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