zoe organics update: spring is coming!

Our spring launch is just around the corner! We are putting the finishing touches on our beautiful labels (thanks Pam!) and building our ecommerce site. It will only be a matter of weeks before these beautiful, hand-crafted products will be available to you!

As we gear up for this launch (I know, I have been non-committal about providing a specific date! But if all goes well, it will be this month.) I have been reflecting on the things that set Zoe Organics apart and make this company special. I believe that we, as consumers, are becoming increasingly conscious of the ethics and philosophies behind the companies we buy from. Trust is paramount.

So, in the spirit of building trust, I wanted to highlight some of the things that Zoe Organics is about:

1. Simplicity: We are not just another “green” company. Eliminating unnecessary waste is important to us. Our packaging speaks for itself. We use glass (except for shower/bath containers), which by the way, we are not encouraging you to recycle, but to REUSE! We are developing our program so that you can be rewarded for reusing and refilling your containers. We will never use unnecessary extra packaging. Although cosmetically appealing; extra boxes, tags, inserts, and thingamabobs end up in our landfills. We have chosen the highest quality, environmentally conscious materials we can find within our means. I think you will like what we have come up with. Our commitment is to continually seek even better options as the company grows. In everything we do, from the beginning to the end of our production cycle, we will be looking for ways to simplify; to use less and to reuse what we can.

2. Safety: No animal testing here – we test on our kids! You can be assured that our products have been tested and approved by our own precious families and friends. Take a look at our ingredients (we have a full glossary on our website). Most of our ingredients are actually edible (but please don’t eat our products!). Our products are vegan, except for the use of natural beeswax in our balms. You will never find parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, artificial colors or fragrances, or animal products (except for natural beeswax) in our pure formulas. We always use certified organic ingredients (except when unavailable) and our essential oils are the highest quality. We buy our raw ingredients from certified organic facilities and are seeking local organic farmers to partner with. This year we will begin the process of obtaining CCOF/USDA certification.

3. Community: Zoe Organics is the product of years of research, dedication and, most of all, passion. Passion for community. To educate, support, and provide safe alternatives to the plethora of unacceptable products on the market. Our products got their start by creating the highest quality skin and body care solutions for our own families, and now they are going to available to our community. Zoe Organics, will give financially as well. A significant portion of our revenues will be given to groups and causes that are dear to our hearts.

In the coming months, we will be announcing partnerships, affiliations and certifications that make a statement as to our causes and validate the quality of our products.

Lastly, I cannot express how thrilled I am to finally see this dream coming to fruition! Thank you again to our community of product testers who have provided such valuable feedback and encouragement! I will be posting more updates in the coming days and weeks, so check back often.


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