Top 10 List – why our customers love Zoe Organics!

A few weeks ago we asked our customers to help us create a top 10 list of reasons why they love Zoe Organics. Not only is the feedback we received encouraging, but it tells us what is really important to you so that we can best serve our community! We promised to post this Top 10 list after we compiled all the feedback we received from Facebook, emails, phone calls and in-person meetings. So…it is our pleasure to reveal the Top 10 List – Why Our Customers Love Zoe Organics! (in decending order):

#10 – Beautiful Packaging

Let’s face it! Hip moms (and dads) today care about how a product is packaged! We have a deep appreciation for design and artwork and it makes us feel good to use stuff that also looks good. We constantly receive compliments on the quality and design of our packaging – so we would like to take this opportunity to give credit where it is due and tip our hat to Pam Golafshar of Oratia Design for creating the designs that so perfectly capture the essence of our brand.

The quality of the containers we use is also what makes our packaging a top 10. Doesn’t a product just seem more luxurious coming from a pretty glass bottle or jar?

#9 – Eco-friendly

We won’t go into one of our rants about “green washing”, but we will say that we take sustainability very seriously. Some of the things we are proud of are:

  • Eliminating unnecessary waste – not creating waste ALWAYS trumps recycling!
  • Reusing before recycling – if a product still has life in it, use it again!
  • Avoiding toxins (in our ingredients, packaging, and office/lab)
  • Using post-consumer paper and supplies
  • Choosing local – we are working on developing some local relationships for sourcing ingredients – stay tuned!

#8 – Hand-crafted by a MOM!

Isn’t it easier to trust someone who has “been there” or is experiencing what you are? These products were developed by a mom with a passion and dedication for giving her own children the very best. If she uses them on her own kids (and the kids in her inner circle of loved ones), chances are you’ll love them for your kids too!

In a period where most of our products are mass produced by machines, isn’t there something really lovely about actually knowing the story behind the products you are using? Making buying decisions that are healthy for your family and the planet require us to understand the ORIGINS of the products we purchase.

#7 – Simple, wholesome ingredients (with names you can recognize, pronounce and even eat!)

If you pick up any of our containers and look at the ingredients listed on the label, you will find that every ingredient is a common herb, butter, oil, essential oil or extract. Many of the ingredients you will find in your own kitchen. You won’t have to go and google some crazy chemical name to find out what the heck it does and if it is safe. We have even made it easy for you to understand the key benefits and properties of the ingredients we use, on our ingredients page.

#6 – Convenience & Functionality

When developing our baby line, we took the feedback of our test community very seriously. How do you package a product in a way so that a mom who is juggling a wiggling infant and corralling an active toddler can manage apply massage oil after the bath, (without getting oil EVERYWHERE). Or how can one convince a toddler who hates putting anything on his face, to put Baby Balm around his mouth and on his cheeks? We learned from experience that when you have kids, you NEED products to be functional and convenient. That’s why our products have convenient pumps, come in single use tea bags (that you don’t have to fill yourself and try to keep sealed while baby is in the tub), large balm sticks that toddlers are happy to apply themselves…

#5 – These products smell AMAZING!

When I first began working with essential oils, I was like a kid in a candy store. Using essential oils is still one of my very favorite parts of creating skin care products. My nose has become trained to instantly recognize a fraud. Synthetic fragrance STINKS. Not only is it a cheap substitute for scent, it is a toxic concoction to completely avoided. People who visit the Zoe Organics lab are always interested in smelling all of the raw ingredients, many times surprised at the fragrances. My four year old frequently asks me for a cocoa butter wafer so he can carry it around smelling it and rubbing it on his cheeks and arms. We have kept use of essential oils very limited in the baby line. We only use a handful of mild EOs like lavender, mandarin and chamomile. There is nothing quite as lovely as a baby with a subtle scent of  lavender and chamomile lingering on her delicate skin and hair.

#4 – Quality

I lOVE a good deal. Last year, I began a process of eliminating the clutter in my life, with the goal of simplifying. One of the valuable lessons I have learned is that QUALITY far outweighs the value of QUANTITY. The items that last…that work…that fit right – are those of QUALITY. In nearly every case, we get what we pay for.

Unfortunately, the cost to produce organic is much more than non-organic alternatives. However, when you buy organic, you are buying premium quality. Zoe Organics sources our ingredients from a number of suppliers who, we believe, provide the highest quality. We don’t just shop for the best price.

Our customers EXPERIENCE quality when using our products. Have you ever done a side-by-side test with a premium organic brand and cheap drugstore brand? If you still need convincing, try it!

#3 – Safety

When we become pregnant, our world changes. Suddenly, the status quo just isn’t good enough. We make a commitment to product this new little life from all dangers and provide them with the very best.

There have been some alarming studies published through recent years that have caused consumers young and old to re-evaluate their lifestyles. Thanks to organizations like the Evironmental Working Group, who created the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, it is easier for consumers to evaluate the products they use.

Zoe Organics is a signer of the compact for safe cosmetics and our products can be found in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, nearly every product receiving a perfect scores of “zero” toxins.

#2 – Effectiveness – they actually work!

We have a growing collection of incredible success stories from our customers who have used our products with amazing results. We KNOW they work – because we developed them based on the needs of our own kids. If it didn’t work for us – why would we sell it to you?!

So many products on the market are just like junk food – a bunch of empty calories and no nutritional value. Consumers slather on water based lotions only to still feel dry. Purchase every sticky, pasty, goopy diaper ointment known to man, desperately trying to clear up that nasty rash…

Zoe Organics believes in taking the most pure plant-based ingredients and letting nature do its work. And the results are undeniable.

#1 – Organic/Natural

“Going organic” is not just a trend or fad. Going organic is a lifestyle – one that requires some sacrifice and commitment. Choosing organic is choosing a better life. Not just as the end user, but for all things and creatures affected during the lifecycle of production. Our commitment is much more than just delivering the best skincare products. As our mission states, we celebrate and protect the lives of our children, families, communities and planet. Our commitment is LIFE!

If there is a category we missed, or if you would like to add to something to this list, please leave your comments below! We LOVE hearing from you!

Thanks again for helping us to create this list and reinforce those things that make us your brand of choice!


Zoe Organics

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