The Beauty Of It Is...

The Beauty Of It Is...

Celebrity make-up artist extraordinaire Katey Denno raves about our Everything Balm and Refresh Oil. Not only are they on her night stand at home, but in her makeup bag on set!

Moving on, you’ll see two products that I not only have on my nightstand, but in my makeup on-set bag, as well. They’re from a super adorable and very dedicated to all-natural company called Zoe Organics. You have to watch their video – it made me tear up the first time I watched it because Zoe is just so darn sweet. The refresh oil is great first thing in the morning, particularly if I’m having trouble putting my feet on the ground, and I love to share it with the photoshoot crew when we’re all dragging after lunch. A few dabs on the wrist or the neck will do wonders for my mood.

I’ve found their Everything Balm to be the best thing ever when I desperately need to hydrate the tops of my hands but leave my palms and fingertips dry to work on my laptop or smartphone. All of the moisture, without any of the smeary mess! Plus the soft scent of essential oils is a great relaxer.

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