Caring for Baby's Sensitive Skin

Caring for Baby's Sensitive Skin

Caring for your baby's delicate skin doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it should be really simple, with gentle, nourishing ingredients. Sure, rashes, irritation and even eczema do present challenges, but are often the result of internal imbalances or allergies and too much bathing or using unnecessary products can just exacerbate the issue. After more than 10 years taking care of our own kids and our littlest customers, and working with pediatricians and moms, we have a pretty good handle on how to care for baby's sensitive skin. Read on for our practical guide:

1. Skip the bath. At least most days. Keep the diaper area clean and dry, and use a super soft wash cloth for spit up and in the folds of skin, but a full-on bath every day is not necessary and can actually strip baby's skin of needed moisture and protection. Aim for 1-2 baths per week or as needed. 

2. Use mild cleansers. The products you bathe with are also important. Never use harsh detergents and stay away from artificial fragrance. Use a mild soap like our gentle Bath Wash or an alternative like our Baby Bath Tea - a blend of organic oats and herbs that gently cleanse and soothe any redness or inflamed skin, and add a protective layer instead of stripping necessary moisture.   

3. Slather on the moisture. Baby's skin is thinner and more permeable than adult skin, leaving it more vulnerable and prone to dryness. After bathing, while skin is still damp, apply a waterless moisturizer like our Cream or Baby Oil. Our Cream is made with organic shea butter, oils and herbs that work as a rich conditioner and protective moisture barrier. It has no added fragrance or essential oils, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin or noses. Another option is our Baby Oil, which doubles as a moisturizer and a massage oil. With a base of organic sunflower, jojoba and olive oils, and calming, aromatherapeutic essential oils of lavender and chamomile, it is a lovely addition to bedtime routines.  

4. Protect those cheeks. Baby's face weathers the elements; milk, spit-up, drool, dry inside air, and rubbing against bedding or clothing, are some of the regular culprits. Our Everything Balm stick is a convenient form of protection for cheeks and faces. Made with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients that are safe around little mouths. Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm is another hero for hot spots and patches of skin that need a little bit more attention. Both products are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins A, E and D, and omega fatty acids. The difference between these two balms is that our Everything Balm is in a solid stick form and works better for small areas, including lips and faces, and has a bit more staying power because of its firmer consistency. Dr. Shannon's Organic Skin Balm is soft and creamy, can be applied to the whole body, and it includes herbal infusions and nutrient-dense oils like avocado, pumpkin seed and rose hip seed for extra moisturizing and healing power.

5. Be proactive against diaper rash. Red, inflamed skin is miserable, and most of the time it is preventable. Instead of waiting for rashes to develop, get ahead of it by applying our clean and clear Diaper Balm to baby's diaper area to create a protective layer against moisture and bacteria. Not only does our Diaper Balm protect baby's skin, but it also makes clean up a breeze during diaper changes. Our creamy balm is infused with organic herbs that soothe redness and inflammation and organic beeswax that creates that staying power for added protection. Tip: rashes happen! When they do, have some of our Baby Bath Tea on hand for a soothing soak. Oatmeal and herbs help with the redness and inflammation and never sting sore bottoms. 

Other things to consider for when caring for sensitive skin:

- Skip the fragrance. Babies smell amazing - we wish we could bottle up their sweet, natural scent. Baby perfumes and sprays are not only unnecessary, but they could be a skin and lung irritant.

- Look at your laundry detergent. Make sure it doesn't contain fragrance and harsh ingredients. We love Branch Basics.

- Soft, breathe-able cotton or bamboo fabric is best on baby's sensitive skin.

- Central heat and air can be really drying. Consider using a cool mist humidifier to keep moisture in the air

- Winter wind and cold weather can be too harsh for baby's skin. Before heading outside, apply our Everything Balm on cheeks, noses and lips to protect skin from the elements.

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